Friday, November 20, 2009

Sewing and a Bad Cat

Long before Halloween, the woman I work for asked me if I'd make a curtain panel for her dining room. She gave me the fabric and I ended up letting it ferment in my apartment for far too long. I dug it out this week and finally put it together.
I really don't like sewing lined curtains, and I won't go into too many details (like me kicking my box of pins over umpteen times, or Chlorox wriggling in ecstasy all over the fabric every chance she got!), but I finally delivered it today.
Back in September Heather invited Hans and I to a play. She gave us her parents' tickets as they couldn't make it, and she wouldn't accept payment from us, so I made the curtain in exchange.
I think Hans and I came out way ahead on this deal.

Really not much to look at.

Here it is with the bottom flipped up so you can see the lining.

And here's Chlorox giving it a test drive as it lies draped across my ironing board.
I made sure to tell Heather about this but luckily she understands. She has two cats and two dogs, and is a fellow animal lover.
As a matter of fact I took the measurements of one of her dogs today.
What a sausage this dog is too!!! Heather mentioned once that the poor thing is cold all the time and she can't find any ready made coats that fit her. However her other dog is an Australian Shepherd, is always hot, and doesn't need any covering.

This week I reworked a pattern , and made another coat for my granddog Duncan but hadn't heard from Vet Tech Girl as to whether it fit or not. I finally got word from her today, and get this; she says it fits and she sent a picture from her phone to Hans. Well Hans is in Germany, and I'm right here in the apartment above her!!!

Go figure!

Maybe tomorrow I'll get a picture, and if I do I will be sure to post it!!


Mary Witzl said...

Sewing lined curtains ranks right up there with cleaning out multiple toilets and cooking for large numbers of ungrateful people. You have my profound respect! I especially hate sewing curtains when they're that slippy sort of synthetic fabric that shreds... Shudder!

Schwang said...

It's getting cold enough that the dogs will need coats soon. Can't wait to see what you created!

laura said...

Mary, luckily this wasn't slippery fabric, and if I cooked for a large number of people they would deserve to be ungrateful! I can't cook.
Schwang, Do your pitties wear coats in the windy city? Where do you get them?