Friday, November 6, 2009

This isn't really cheating is it?

Imagine seeing this, only twice the size (minus the muzzle restrainer), looking at you while you clean a house.

For comparison sake, this is my grand-dog Duncan who weighs 45 pounds.

Today we arrived at a new client's house and were greeted by Chuck, an 80 pound Pit Bull mix. He immediately took my arm in his mouth and wiggled with glee. Luckily I recognized this gesture as a sign of affection and didn't faint with fear.

We'd already cleaned two houses and this was our third but thanks to Chuck I didn't mind a bit. He became my good friend and I took many opportunities to stroke the soft fur under his chin, scratch his head, and rough up his ears as often as I could.

He insisted I play tug of war a couple of times but I was smart enough to brace myself first or I may have found myself flung into the next county. These are such high energy dogs and they are so lovable and full of life.

But I really did have a deja vu moment when, after being let out for a 'break', Chuck came to the door and insisted on being let in.

And I saw Duncan all over again.

I think I'm in love!


Katie Alender said...

Our good friends have a Staffie. He is as sweet and sensitive as can be (and terrified of their cat). With the right owners, bully breeds are fantastic dogs. It's horrible that people exploit them and train them to be human-aggressive.

Mary Witzl said...

Eek, you are tough to manage sang froid with that dog around! He would be able to smell my fear a mile away.

Schwang said...

Pit bulls are the best! We adopted our first dog by mistake, but now we're totally hooked on them.

laura said...

Katie, poor Duncan allowed himself to be backed into a corner by our Beastie cat. He didn't know what to think of her at first.

Mary, one of these days I'll get myself into trouble as I loooove dogs and don't fear them. Actually the small ones are the ones you need to watch for!

Schwang, what a great mistake! Until my daughter adopted her pittie I'd never been around one. Now I want one! Someday.

Karin said...

Chuck! What a name! He sounds lovely. But like Mary, my fear glands would kick in for sure.