Sunday, October 11, 2009

"We have a winner!" proclaims The Countess von Chlorox

I promised to post the winner of my 'tell a ghost story, win a purse contest' today, and I will, but first I must let you in on the whole choosing process.

I decided that since we have a spooky, other world theme going on that it was only fitting to take a slightly different approach at picking a winner.

So I beseeched The Countess von Chlorox to help me. You see, the lovely Countess von Chlorox knows all and sees all.

When she isn't reading tea leaves, she's gazing into crystal balls, and if you cross her paw with catnip she'll return the favor by reading your palm. She was just shuffling her tarot cards when I approached her. Lucky for me the cards had just informed her that there was indeed Gouda cheese in her future, so she was in good humor.

I couldn't help it, but I asked her if her crystal ball might tell her what happens to naughty cats who poop on the dining room floor, in full view of Hans, but she ignored me!

The Countess is moody about things like that.

The Countess sits quietly beside the bowl full of entries. I asked her to hurry up but she said she needed to 'feel the vibration' and that it's a pity that no one understands her craft.

Finally she tips the bowl over and out rolls a winner.

The Countess is suspicious.
Is this really the winner?

Satisfied that there is no fakery afoot, The Countess relaxes and declares a winner.

And it's BeeBee from Pastiche.

BeeBee, send me an email and we'll figure out what kind of purse you'd like.

I really want to thank everyone for participating in my contest.
It was great fun reading your stories and I hope to do this again.


BeeBee said...

Hey! I WON I WON I WON I WON!!! I love to win! LOL. Anyway, I loved the ghost stories, they're always sooo much fun. Believe, don't believe, not the point sometimes. It's about the stories.
I couldn't find a way to email you, but you can email me at ecbryant2002 at yahoo dot com
And for starters, I really like the wine theme bags you've done. And I'm not a backpack gal.

Mary Witzl said...

Damn: we have no internet and so I miss out on a FREE PURSE and, almost as bad, the chance to get yet another person to read one of my ghost stories. (I have two, and neither one is 100% ghose story, but still...)

Next time! I'm sure the Countess von Chlorox will choose in my favor (she can probably smell my cheese-flavored cat-loving hands from all the way across the ocean).

Kathi D said...

Countess, you have done an excellent job. Well, it could have been better. You could have selected MY name. However, I appreciate your efforts.

laura said...

Darn it Mary! I knew you'd have something interesting to write! I'd still love to read whatever it is. Maybe you can do a halloween post on your blog!

Kathi, the Countess is humbled by your compliment. I only wish everyone could have won.

Anonymous said...

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