Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More Ghost Story Stuff for the Contest

There's another Halloween Contest going on over at Katie's blog. Katie is a published author who loves to sew but you'll need to check her guidelines. Go check it out!

My contest (leave your story or comment on this post ) is open to everyone, and yes that means you international readers. Remember you can win a passport purse, or a back pack made in your choice of colors!

Also!! You don't need to have a blog to comment. Just leave your name and if you win, look for your name on Sunday. You can then email me with your address. Please understand that I'm not a stalker and even if you give me your address I most likely could never find you as I have no sense of direction!!!

Comments will be accepted until Saturday, October 10 at midnight (EST in the US). I will publish the winner on Sunday.

Thank you everyone for your stories. I'm finding mine to be pretty tame compared to yours.

So now I'm going to take this opportunity to relate a couple more stories that I've been told over the years.

When my mother was around ten or so, she was visiting her grandmother's house. Mom had gone upstairs and was startled to find an old woman sitting at her grandmother's vanity brushing her long white hair. She was wearing a high collared black dress that went all the way to the floor and my mother was puzzled because this was something that ladies in the 1940's didn't wear. She also wondered why the heck this lady was in her grandmother's bedroom. Suddenly the woman realized my mother was watching her because she turned in her seat and glared at her.

And then she disappeared.

Mom ran down to the kitchen and asked her grandmother who this woman was.

Grandma just stood there with a funny look on her face. She didn't say anything for a moment and before turning away she told my mother to forget it. Mom says from the way her grandmother reacted she thinks that she too had seen this old woman, or at least knew who it was, because otherwise she would have laughed at her or told her it was nonsense.

This is very much like a story I heard just a couple of weeks ago. I was at a party and I was talking to a woman who told me about her father who died unexpectedly a few years ago. Shortly after he died she walked into her own family room only to see her dad sitting in his favorite chair and watching TV. She called out "Dad!" and he actually turned, looked at her, and then disappeared. This happened more than once. But she was still having a hard time with his death and cried a lot. And then one day during a crying jag she felt something beside her and looked up. There was her father right beside her and he was shaking his head and frowning. She said "I knew that look and he was unhappy with me." And once again he disappeared. That's when she decided that it was time to move on and she never saw him again.

I told her about my run in with the religious lady at the inn, and Karen who's devoutly religious, remarked, "What the hell does that have to do with it? She must be a nut!"

Thank you very much!

Anymore ghost stories out there??? C'mon, I'm sure there are! And you have until Saturday night to leave a comment!!!!


Kathi D said...

Oh, those gave me chills!

Mary Witzl said...

I believe in ghosts: I've seen one. I'm so bummed out now that I didn't have a chance to get onto your blog and tell you this and get a crack at the free purse! I've also written two proper supernatural stories, which is what I thought you were after. That's why I waited: I figured it would be time-consuming, raking through my files, finding the right document, copying & pasting. Once again my disorganization and crappy technology have made me miss out.