Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keep your fingers crossed!!

I only pray that I don't jinx myself with this, BUT!!!!!

I got an offer on my house!!

After eight months on the market!!

I had a bare bottom, minimum amount in my head and that's what was offered. But I hadn't bargained on paying the buyer's closing costs, and apparently the buyer thinks I should.

Allrighty then.

I also had a new stove and refrigerator installed last month and I have to pay for that too. Then there's the Home Warranty Protection Plan that the buyer insists on my taking care of (at the tune of an additional $450.00). Oh, how about my expensive sectional furniture and the house saving dehumidifier? Throw them in too, insists the buyer!

Factor in my closing costs, and the realtor's fees and WOW! What the hell was I thinking when I decided to buy a house 12 years ago? I would have been better off renting and therefor saving myself a chunk of change because during those 12 years I:

Replaced my furnace (not cheap).

Installed new gutters, garage door, porch railing, 2 outside doors, 2 screen doors, ceiling lite/fan, and fluorescent lights in the basement.

I'm going to be lucky to recoup my down payment.

And that's only if some damned inspector doesn't step in and question my paint color choices!!!!

On a lighter note, I went to check on Baby Girl and her crazy cat Evvy.

Evvy is still crazy.

I've never seen so much energy in one cat in all my life (and it's been a long one believe me!)

Here she is before one of her many leaps. She seems to defy gravity and goes from sitting still to hanging off sofas, chairs, and my leg at any given moment.

Aha, this leaf will never darken Baby Girl's doorstep again!

Mid leap!

After peeling Evvy and her thousand claws off various parts of my anatomy, Baby Girl got out the spray bottle.

One spray had Evvy flipping through the air and across the room where she landed on a plastic bag that Evvy deemed to be 'safe'.

This went on for the duration of my visit. All I had to do when Evvy zinged herself at me, was point the bottle at her, and she would retreat to the bag.

I tried to take pictures but the wrist strap on my camera was too tempting and SPLAT, Baby Girl would have to give her a squirt.

I even got into the act and at one point when I let Evvy have it, Baby Girl protested, "MOM!!! She wasn't even doing anything!"

"Well, I just want her to know who's boss." I explained myself.

I have to wonder just how much Cat Nip this kitty's mother did before giving birth!


BeeBee said...

I got the bag today. THANK YOU! I LOVE this. It's sooo cute. AND, how timely is this? I'm going to San Fransisco tomorrow to include a wine tasting tour. I think I'll be carrying this with me. I'm very impressed with your workmanship and speed. Again, just thank you. I'm quite thrilled. And any cat fur that may have been attached was promptly snuffed up when my dog gave it her nose of approval. She thinks all packages that come into the house are for her. (I get her medications from PetMeds.com and they always include a Milkbone, so she's constantly on the lookout)
This always happens when I post to your blog - I get very appropriate word verifications. This one is "winesst". Funny

RescuedPittieMommy said...

We went through the same thing with the sell of our old house.
At least your buyers are not asking that you pay for their utility connections!
People can be crazy.
Hang in there though! It does end eventually.

Kathi D said...

Mad kitty!!

I hope the deal goes through and you don't end up having to pay THEM for the privilege of selling your house.