Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last Minute Laura Strikes Again!

Halloween is Saturday (today is Thursday).

I've had my Halloween Costume Patterns for about 2 months now (Butterick sale).

So of course I didn't start work on our costumes until yesterday.

I mean, what's the rush?

I started in on things after work yesterday and sewed until 11:30 PM. Today was my day off and I started sewing as soon as I woke up. Hans had left early in the morning for some appointments and when he walked in at two in the afternoon, I still hadn't showered (ooooh!) but kept right on sewing.

Then for some insane reason I quit long enough to go to my first ever spinning class. I think even my eyelashes were sweating, and I went so far as to accuse our instructor of being the spawn of Hitler. She just bared her teeth at me and pedaled harder.

I got home and hit the sewing machine once again, sans shower. After awhile I couldn't even stand myself and it reminded me of some of the people I've stood behind in grocery store lines.

After two days of marathon sewing, adventuring outside after sunset two times in my 'not so nice after dark neighborhood' to pound grommets (because I can only do this on cement), I finally finished!!!!

I'm very thankful that I only have one house to clean tomorrow as the 'post construction' job that was to follow the first house, has been bumped to Monday.

Post Construction clean up is hell! Especially in furnished homes.

My back is starting to seize up and I don't know if it's from bending over the sewing machine and ironing board, or from the Spinning From Hell episode.

Anyway we have to head back to my home town tomorrow because the guy who wants to buy my house is getting a VA loan, and apparently the VA inspection team all suffer from hemorrhoids and PMS, and will go out of their way to find issues with the homes of nasty people attempting to sell their homes to vets!

While we're there we are going to a few Halloween functions and I intend to get pictures of these damned costumes!!!

I took this picture when we were in Trier, Germany (from about 4 stories up so I really had to zoom in) and it's a small hint to what we'll be wearing.

Like I said, it's a hint so don't just assume (never assume!!!) anything!!!

Please stay tuned for the unveiling!!!

*****I've added a link to my reference to 'spinning'. I can understand that someone might think I was talking about spinning wool, and believe me, that would have been a lot more fun!


Mary said...

So, it's a dirndl for you and leiderhosen for Hans?

No costumes here thankfully. (Although I could make a devil tail for ds but he says he doesn't want it.)

When you said spinning, I thought you meant learning to spin your own yarn. . . Duh. . .

laura said...

Mary, you're kind of close....remember!!Never assume!

Mary Witzl said...

Is it a dirndl? If so, you are very brave. I'd personally need to do two thousand spinning classes before I'd go near a dirndl.

laura said...

You're very close too, Mary! And spinning classes had to be invented by the devil but I'm actually going to go back!

Kathi D said...

You must be related to me somehow. Nobody but a blood relative could be nuts like that!