Thursday, October 22, 2009

What was I thinking??!!

We're headed for our boat tomorrow (Annapolis), and instead of packing, I was stupid enough to watch The Perfect Storm!
Even though we're going to be in the Chesapeake and not in the ocean, that still wasn't a smart move on my part.
I'm not sure if I ever told you about the time we went to the Crow's Nest when we were in Gloucester, Massachusetts, shopping for a boat, but we did.

It was a beautiful weekend in January (the previous weekend had found the city buried in snow!) and we headed into town to get something to eat. Hans saw the Crow's Nest sign and insisted it was the same bar from the Perfect Storm and that we should go in. I said no way was it the same bar, that I had no problem with going in, but there was absolutely no way he was to ask them if this was THE Crow's Nest. I felt it would be in very bad taste considering that all the men aboard the Andrea Gail had died.

Hans agreed with me and then as soon as we were seated he asked the barmaid if this was the bar from The Perfect Storm.

Before I could choke him, the barmaid said it certainly was.

I told her I was sorry (while I kicked Hans, sitting on the bar stool beside me), and remarked that she must be sick to death of people asking this question.

"Hey, it's good for business!" she laughed, and hauled out a huge photo album that she dropped in front of us, and then left to wait on other customers.

So Hans and I leafed through the album and looked at pictures of George Clooney, Diane Lane, and people from Gloucester, whoop it up and party and have an all around good time.

I found it a bit disconcerting yet also fascinating.

Before we left we stopped and looked at the pictures of the captain and crew, from the Andrea Gail, that adorn the walls of the bar.

I guess if it's good for business, then they didn't die in vain.

Here is Hans outside of the Crow's Nest. I have to say it was a rather dim and dreary place. They also didn't serve food so we only had one beer before we moved on.

There are many sea themed statues in New England. This is a wife, with her kids, awaiting her husbands return from the sea.
She's probably wondering when the hell he's going to get back because she could use a break!

We expect rain on Saturday other wise I hope it's a Perfect Weekend.


Sewfast said...

Too funny Laura! We went out salmon fishing in the Umpqua shortly after I watched The Perfect was a little rough as we headed out towards the bar, I told my Father-in-Law that I had just seen the movie. His comment was "How'd you like the ending?" Just about pushed him overboard!!!

Kathi D said...

Sheesh. They don't show airplane crash movies on the plane for a reason!

Angelia said...

I love New England towns.. they r so cute!
Yeah.. no watching the Perfect Storm before getting on a boat!lol

Mary Witzl said...

I like that statue of the woman waiting by the harbor. It's tempting to view it in romantic terms, but you're right: if that were me, I'd be wondering when my husband would come home and I'd be able to get half an hour to myself again.

laura said...

Well, we made it back! Our little boat just dug in her claws at our anchorage and I'm glad because we got hit with something like 7 storms our first night out. Always an adventure when sailing!

Katie Alender said...

Bars that don't serve food trigger my anxiety center. Even if I'm not hungry, I need to know I could get fried cheese if I needed it.