Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Cat Who...

...Ate Gouda.

Has anyone ever read Lillian Jackson Braun's books, 'The Cat Who...'?

For years, every time one was published I bought the hardback version.

That says a lot as I'm very frugal (read cheap).
But since I'll be moving to a small apartment soon, I ended up getting rid of tons of books including my Cat Who books and believe me it was NOT easy.

But I realized that most of them weren't books I'd ever read again and even if I wanted to, that's what libraries are for.
So even if I don't have the books, I have the cats, and this one dearly loves her Gouda.
Every night, Chlorox stands on her hind legs and taps on my leg begging for her share of cheese.
How can I ever say no?

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Anonymous said...

That's a good perspective about getting rid of books. I always forget about libraries. I love books, particularly pretty hardcover ones and ones that I have enjoyed reading. I should thin out my "collection" as well.