Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's Eve

I've been enjoying everyone's year end sewing reviews, but I won't even attempt a sewing review as I did very little-however...

I do feel much more adept at making bags and purses and since I really love sewing them, that's a good thing.

I did not put all of the fabric that I bought in Paris to good use but that's okay because I've gleaned enough info from blogs and pattern review to know what I would like to do with my purchases in 2009. We have a couple of weddings to attend and I'd love to wear something I've made to them. I did make the dress that I wore to my High School Reunion and I was very happy with it.

But you know what? If it weren't for the wonderful people that I've met in blogland I'm not sure if I would have kept up with my sewing attempts. I'm so impressed with what others have achieved and are willing to share with everyone else.

On a personal level, I think I've done more in this one year than I've done if I combined many of my past years all together. In January we bought a sail boat. In April we visited family in Paris and Switzerland. In May we sailed our boat from Massachusetts to Maryland (and I lived a bulimics dream most of the way!). We tried very hard to use Miss Kitty at least once a month this summer and ended up weathering a few storms in the Chesapeake. I moved Baby Girl to an apartment in August and to yet another one last week. I now have a Granddog, and it's a good thing he's so sweet and lovable because he has no manners. And last but certainly not least, Hans asked me to marry him.

So tonight we are going out to celebrate New Year's Eve at the same place we went to last year. It too has had some changes. It's been completely remodeled and added on to but luckily it still has the same crowd and great dance music.

Here's to a Happy and wonderful New Year to everyone and I'm looking forward to reading everyone's wonderful blogs in the coming year.

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Shannon said...

Happy New Year! Best wishes for the coming year!