Tuesday, December 2, 2008

All this and Citizen Kane too

Tonight I cut out 2 Kwik Sew Aprons that are destined to become Christmas presents.

I was lucky enough to find some pumkiny colored fabric and some burgundy fabric that match the wine prints very nicely. I also decided to line the bottom (skirt) part of the apron and therfor bought extra fabric. I was a little worried when it turned out that there wasn't enough of the pumpkin color on the bolt so I bought all that JoAnn's had anyway and figured I could work something out. Luckily, it didn't turn out to be a problem. Since the vest is lined you have to cut out 4 vest pieces; 1 set for the vest and 1 set for the lining. Since the lining doesn't show on the vest and since these are just mottled prints and not directional, I was able to utilize my fabric in a very frugal way and actually ended up with left overs. I think I see potholders in the Apron wearer's futures.

Here's the pattern and some of the fabric.

Last night I was digging through some junk in my basement and found an old Kwik Sew sleeper pattern with fabric still pinned to it. God only knows how old it is.

Well, a man I work with and his girlfriend just had a baby and I decided to finish the sleeper and give it to them.

Let me tell you I've made literally hundreds of these sleepers and figured it would be a breeze.

Except I lost my instructions (which seems to be a new habit of mine) and I actually couldn't remember the sewing sequence. I finally did get it made but it took far longer than it should have (damned crotch gusset!) but eventually it was done.

And then I realized that there should have been elastic sewn at the ankles and there is no way that's going to happen now. I'm going to give it to him anyway as it would be a waste to throw it away.

When I saw that Citizen Kane was to be on at 8 o'clock I made sure I didn't have to go back out tonight so that I could watch it. Believe it or not I've never seen this whole movie in one sitting, so I made myself watch it tonight.

So while I cut out my aprons I watched Orson Welles in his greatest role ever.

Yes, I liked it.

Do I think it's the best movie ever made?


I do think that for it's day, it was a great movie and it still holds up, but not as the best movie ever made.

But that's only my opinion.

And on this blog, my opinion is the only one that counts.

I love the internet!!!

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The Slapdash Sewist said...

I am sure they will appreciate the sleeper, with or without ankle elastic. I'm impressed that you finished up this old UFO! If only i could become so dedicated.