Monday, December 8, 2008

a finished apron

Here is the first of 2 aprons that I'm working on this month. I'm really happy with how it turned out. The front has 2 patch pockets (you can't really see them in these pictures as it's such a busy print) and I decided to line them with the vest fabric. I also lined the bottom of the apron. All I had to do was cut out a lining piece the same size as the main pattern. Then sew this sides and the bottoms right sides together, trim the corners, turn right side out and press. It just looks better and feels much more sturdy this way.

Here's a view from the back and you can see that the lower portion is lined with the vest fabric. Sally Stitch was more than happy to model for me.

A full length view.
I took it to work with me this morning to show everyone and all of the men laughed. I had one guy try it on and he asked, "Am I on Candid Camera or something?" I really didn't get what was so funny so he said, "What man wears an apron?"

I kid you not.

What man will wear an apron?????
This one right here, that's who. Even though it's not for him, Hans had no problem trying it on and he even said he really liked it. What a great guy!!

This is a one size fits all and it fits Hans who's 6'3'' very nicely. Needless to say if you're making one for a shorter man then you'll want to adjust the pattern a bit.

We went out for breakfast on Sunday and this is what we got to drive around in. 18 degrees and more than 6 inches of snow.
I worked Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Sat, at the inn last week and I have to work tonight and tomorrow night too, so I won't get a lot of sewing done. Just bits and pieces. I do have to say it was fun and easy to wind a bunch of bobbins on my sidewinder and Hans even got a kick out of seeing how it worked.


Angelia said...

Love this! You did a great job on it and the fabrics are perfect!

BTW, the Bald Man has no problem wearing an apron either.. in fact he does most of the cooking! And he's better at it than me!

I can't imagine being surrounded by snow like that.. yikes!
Our whole town would close down!
you know southerners can't deal with snow... at all!!!

laura said...

I say real men wear aprons! And I remember a company I once worked for had an office in the South and sometimes if it rained too hard the employees (women) would call in and ask if the office was closed due to 'weather', I kid you not!