Monday, December 15, 2008

What's up so far this week

This is what I should be working on.

A second apron to go with my first.

But since I have some time left to get this done, I started another project.

See the paw prints?

What is it and who could this be for?

If you guessed a purse for Vet Tech Girl then you're right.

Here is the paw print with some matching corduroy, zippers, and thread.

Since I made a Messenger Bag for Baby Girl I decided I should make a purse for Vet Tech Girl.

This is going to be a version of the Day Bag with a zipper, and flap closure.

I just bought the fabric tonight and it's already been washed, dried, cut out, and partially sewn.

On Sunday I got to see my Granddog Duncan.
I hate to admit that Duncan might not be the brightest bulb in the box.
I took him for a run and what a nut! Besides the fact that he wore me out, it turns out that he's afraid of almost everything including: seagulls, and Muzak.
When we weren't busy sniffing light posts and shrubs we were running like the very devil was after us everytime he heard the slightest noise. I walked him on a trail near some restaurants and everytime we went past one with music being piped outside, he was horribly confused and once again we'd be off and running.

This is from Thanksgiving but I'm betting that he looked a lot like this yesterday after his big run.

I know just how he feels.


Anonymous said...

He's too cute! I have sewing to do before Christmas, but I feel like that doggie and I'm too tired. Working on a bathrobe and the lapel is just not working or looking right. Ugh. Maybe I should punt and try something else. LOL

Marjie said...

That's just what Thor looked like after going to the tree farm earlier this week. I have had no time or inclination to sew since before Thanksgiving. I so need a little down time right about now! I'll get back to you on eggnog, although some dairies sell very good eggnog.