Thursday, May 8, 2008

What was I thinking?

Last night was a marathon in madness.

We (Hans) made the decision to make a 24 hour sail. We were 10 miles out at sea and were able to use the sails for quite awhile. Unfortunately we've had to motor far too much. Then the winds kicked up and the whole place was jumping!

30 knot winds are just not for me. The boat slammed, rolled, and jerked for over 10 hours. This was all night long and made it impossible to sleep. We were going to spell each other with 2 hour watches but I was completely useless. Hans never left the helm and finally all 3 of the guys stayed in the cockpit and slept in about 30 minute intervals.

In the meantime everything was sliding around the cabins and galley with a nerve racking rhythm. We hadn't foreseen 30 knot winds and did not secure the interior as I'm sure other seasoned sailors would have.

I had tried to sleep in my bunk but as it's in the front of the boat the rocking was too insane so I tried to sit in the cockpit. We are fortunate to have a hose on deck but as luck would have it, it quit working when we needed it to hose down the big mess I left down the whole back of the boat. Hey! a person can only lean overboard so far with out falling in! Hans came in to use the head and the boat gave a mighty lurch, sending him face first into the salon bench. I was sure he'd been knocked out and he landed right by my feet. He was alright though and didn't even break his glasses.

Back down I went, but I stayed in the salon area and lying on the cushions with the mast light glaring in on me through the ceiling hatch and listening to all of the pots, pans, silverware, etc... sliding and slamming around for hours gave everything a surreal feeling. I dozed and puked until I had the dry heaves (sorry!) but I never slept.

Morning and the bay we were aiming for arrived and Scotty asked me, "Hey, Laura are you going to make eggs and sausage this morning?"

What do you think?

So the guys were up for over 24 hours with little to no sleep but that's ok, they have plenty of time to make up for it.


Because now we're aground in 2 and a half feet of water (there are some missing markers) and we have to wait for a few hours for high tide.


Mary Witzl said...

I'm guessing that Scotty did not get his eggs and sausages. Am I right?

I know you're probably sick of sailing by now, but I still feel envious. Remind me to tie everything up if I ever go sailing. And invest in a whole bunch of those little bags you get on airplanes...

Angelia said...

WOW! You've had quite an adventure!!
I am a big baby on the water I would have been screaming and crying so much in 30knot winds!!

laura said...

Mary, correct!! Sausage and eggs were not on the menu!! And as I've been know to fill barf bags to the top, I think I'm better of with my friend the bucket!
Angelia, I was too scared to scream and had no fluid left for tears. We will NEVER go out that far again in 5-7 foot waves with high winds. The boat can barely take it and I can't!!