Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No! No! Not more purse patterns!!Someone stop me!

Well, I bit the bullet! Ever since I saw Connie's version of Nicole Mallalieu's Snap purse, I've wanted it. But when I went to Nicole's web site I saw that she had another bag pattern that wasn't quite ready to be released, so I waited.
And waited.
And then it was ready! Hee-Haw!! I just ordered both of them.
Here they are: The beach bag, and The Snap purse.
I went ahead and ordered the kit for the Snap as it comes with everything you need. Then, since I could fit an extra frame into my order without upping my shipping, I did!
I just love making purses, and with Nicole's patterns and all of her hints on her web site, I can get huge mileage out of them.
And by the way Connie won the pattern review purse contest. I don't think that's news to anyone reading this post but I'll mention it anyway!


Katie Alender said...

Both so cute! Which variation on the beach purse are you thinking?

Also, do you need special equipment to attach the hardware?

laura said...

I'm thinking I'll start with the bag that has grommets along the top. The pattern also has the zipper option for closing the top of the bag. It takes a little longer but makes things much more secure! I don't think you need anything that you don't already have to attach purse frames. I know that you put glue inside the channel of the frame and then stuff your fabric into it, probably with a flat edge screw driver. I ordered the whole kit because it comes with EVERYTHING you need. There's just something about her patterns that works for me.

Connie Bontje said...

You will love the snap purse, Laura. I get compliments every time I use it! you are right - you only need a flat screwdriver and glue for the channels. Nicole says you can crimp, but I did not find it necessary. I am getting the beach bag too! Yeah us