Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Personally I don't like these kind of holidays. There are so many people who've lost a mother or perhaps have children who ignore them and this turns into such a depressing day for them. I think in the end it's just a big money making scheme.

And as a waitress it's a living nightmare. In my whole waitressing career, I've only worked one Mother's Day, and after that one day I vowed 'never again'. I have no idea why the place I work lets me take it off as normally it's required, and short of death (your own) no one gets out of it. Of course the fact that I'm currently sailing on the Delaware Bay (and have just been asked via radio to 'please move' by a huge Dole container ship), might have something to do with it.

To me Mother's Day is a day when; men would rather be golfing, the kids don't want to get dressed up, Mom is trying her best to keep everything together, and dear old grandma who's been ignored all year long has just donned her polyester Sunday suit , sticky pink lipstick, and best costume jewelry, and can't wait to make her waitress's life a living hell!

And she does a good job.

From refusing to order until the entire menu has been translated, dissected, and criticized-to insisting that what you brought to her is not at all what she ordered-to asking for 20 to-go containers for the very food she sneered at through the whole meal.

And when Grandma finally sees your hands shake, the tears threatening to spill over because she's been such a big stinker and now way too many of your other customers are getting lousy service, then and only then has the old bat had herself a wonderful Mother's Day.

And finally for the first time that day Grandma rewards everyone with a big lipstick smeared toothy smile.

Only Thank God, I won't be there to see it!


Anonymous said...

OK, this one brought me out of lurking. I've waitressed for more years than I care to remember and you have described Mothers day as a waitress PERFECTLY! And if it's not Grandmas that's the problem it's all the screaming kids! Grandmas I could handle but the kids were another matter.


laura said...

Oh Debbie! Please don't think I've escaped screaming children! I just found out that I have to work a wedding this Saturday. This means that in addition to dealing with the Mother of the Bride & Company, I'll get to dodge all the screaming 'who forgot to give Junior his ritalin this morning?' brats who think that tray jacks loaded with food are fun bridges to play beneath!!

Angelia said...

What a nightmare for a waitress or waiter!
I avoid all restaurants for all holidays!!! Because I hate screaming kids while I'm trying to eat, hateful people giving the waitstaff a hard time ensuring I get bad service and then I feel bad for the waitstaff... not a pleasent experience for anyone..
except maybe Grandma!!

Mary Witzl said...

I agree entirely with your description of Mother's Day. It's just a way to fill the coffers of Hallmark Greeting Cards and every florist in town. We decided way back when not to observe it -- or Father's Day -- in this family, and we've never looked back. Invariably, one of my neighbors will ask me pointedly what I got (she knows our Mother's Day policy) and will then tell me how she had breakfast served in bed and a bouquet of roses. Silly billy: she still has to clean up after it all.

As for waitressing on Mother's Day, I do feel for you. I've been there! Our kids were taught from the earliest age to treat waiters with respect and stay out of their way. Now my eldest is waiting on tables and sees for herself how obnoxious some people can be when they are being served. Fortunately, there are a lot of great people who help make up for them. Hope you meet a few of them from time to time!

Katie Alender said...

Almost as bad as Valentine's Day! Glad you got to miss it.

laura said...

Thanks for the sympathy ladies! Actually, I think I'm just a big whiner and if it weren't for waitressing I wouldn't be able to pay my bills!