Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just Too Cute!!

I spent my Memorial Weekend in the Big City while I recuperated from my wisdom tooth surgery (as described in my previous post). I'm still amazed at how well everything went, heck I've suffered from PMS more that I did from this procedure!

But anyway my daughter, who lives in the Big City and is a vet tech, is 'fostering' a newborn kitten.

Some people brought it to the Vet's office where she works and apparently their dog found some newborn kittens and killed one. They found it's sibling nearby and fearing that the dog would kill it too, brought it to the Vet's and asked if they could help.

Before the little kitten knew what was happening it found itself in Vet Girl's apartment along with Gimpy, the torty cat, who almost lost it's leg and is also being 'fostered by Vet girl. By the way, Gimpy is not happy with this little interloper!

I don't even want to know what else has found its way to Vet Girl's apartment and I never will, as she won't let me past her front porch!

She brought the kitten over to Hans' last night and after it's bottle feeding Hans made the mistake of holding it for awhile. Luckily he had on an old T-shirt and I'm sure runny, kitten poop washes out easily. At least we told him that!

The new kitten has been named Chubbella because of her chubby belly but Hans thinks that Chiabella sounds nicer. All I know is - she is one loud kitten. When she isn't screaming her little lungs out, she's wobbling around on unsteady legs and bobbing her head in search of mommy. Mommy is a smelly, dirty, stuffed animal but Chiabella gets tight against it, and kneading her needle sharp nails, she finally falls asleep until the next feeding.

Vet Girl has 2 jobs and luckily both places of employment seem to very understanding, because Chiabella accompanies her everywhere as she needs to be fed every 4 hours.

With 'Mommy'.

Chiabella at 2 weeks of age.

I'm so glad to say that Chiabella already has a home waiting for her. One of Vet Girl's co-workers will be taking her.
Unfortunately no one seems to want Gimpy the torty, who comes complete with 3 good legs and an attitude.


Mary Witzl said...

Oh, how CUTE! The thought of her snuggling up to that stuffed toy.

I want a kitten!

laura said...

Just give me your address, Vet Tech Girl will send one off directly!