Monday, June 2, 2008

Snap! Finally some sewing!

I'm finally getting some sewing done! Yippee!!

I've been itching to get going on my Snap purse (the pattern arrived within week of ordering it!) but it seems like something else always needs to be done first. My car (after hearing Baby Girl say her car's fan belt needed to be replaced) threw a fit and had to have fuel lines and brake lines replaced. Hmmm, didn't Baby Girl's car just have that done a couple of months ago?

Then I had to work both jobs on Saturday, and Sunday was so beautiful that we went for a bike ride to my parents house. I think we decided it's about 10 miles each way, so there was a 20 mile bike ride. We take as many back roads as we can and I'll take my camera the next time as it's a beautiful ride.
But anyway, I decided to use some fabric that I've had for awhile because I certainly don't need to buy anymore!
But I almost messed up my whole evening.

We have a mandatory meeting at the inn where I'm a waitress. Every year we have to attend a wine (whine for me!) meeting. It's all about wine presentation etc... Well, after 8 years of waitressing I think by now I know how to present a bottle of wine but NO ONE is permitted to miss this wonderful event even though we don't get paid for it, and it's a half hour drive away for me.

So I jumped in my car and a minute later it occurred to me that maybe the meeting wasn't tonight after all, maybe it's next Monday. I called the inn and found out it is indeed next week! So home I went to do some sewing.

For me this was a perfect evening. Andy Griffith had 4 episodes on tonight and Andy Griffith is my all time favorite TV show. I've actually gone to Mt Airy, NC three times for the Andy Griffith Festival and it's too much fun! I did some cutting and fusing of interfacing and wadding (really just fusible quilt batting) and that's about it.

Now I'm going to relax with a book and a hot bath and call it a night.

The Penguins are in overtime against the Red Wings right now but I can't take it!!

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