Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some hot weather sewing

Here is my version of the BWOF 07-2007-120. I decided that I really need to use up some of my Paris fabric so I started with this. It's actually just a polyester blend that I could have probably bought just about anywhere but it was affordable, and I was in Paris... need I say more. I would really like to make this out of some of the silk that I bought but I wasn't brave enough to cut into it yet.

I liked the funky stripe design on this fabric and I cut the halter top on the bias to give it a different effect. Something that I've learned with Burda; they are all very low cut! I don't have a problem with that except that I need to wear a bra underneath, otherwise I would appear to have no chest! So since this particular top is in two pieces I just extended the side seam on each halter part and that allowed me to overlap about an inch more where they 'meet in the middle' thus giving me a little more coverage and hiding my strapless bra.

I took in much bigger darts in the back of the dress which is something I always have to do, sway back or big butt, take your pick.

I also lined the skirt in a lightweight cotton because (!!!) it was so stinking hot on Sunday when I was sewing this, that all I could think of was sitting down in a polyester dress and having it stick to me! I will see how this feels when I'm done and if it seems too heavy, I'll just cut it out.

Now here's where I may run into an issue. The lining was sewn to the fabric at the top of the skirt and at the skirt edges where the zipper will go. The lining is stitched down as far as where the zipper will end. The skirt and lining are then supposed to be finished separately. I've studied this and it's awkward looking! I've inserted the zipper using the Islander technique and that went well, I just have to sew the bottom of the skirt closed. I tried it once already and got that damned 'bubble'!!! I know the sewing divas have a tutorial for invisible zippers and I've used it, I just wanted to try this technique too. It was close to midnight though and I know you should never sew when you're tired.

I'll tackle that tonight and then try to figure out how to finish the lining.

Hans had to go to Baltimore this week on business and instead of having to get a hotel, he can stay on our boat. So I'm going to take 2 days of vacation and fly down to MD (for $54.00!) and enjoy a long weekend of sailing with him. I would really like to wear my new dress if we go out to dinner one night!

This shows the overlap in the front. I'm able to get a little more coverage by cutting the side seams a little bit longer and using that extra length by overlapping more in the front.

Sally Stitch almost fainted when I put this on her. She's been sulking because she thought I forgot about her!!

The back of the dress still needs the zipper tape to be tacked down, the back seam below the zipper needs to be sewn, and the shoulder straps are still pinned in place.
I had intended to cut the back band with horizontal (side to side) stripes just to be different but I forgot! Luckily this is not a uniform stripe so even though the band doesn't match the dress it doesn't matter.
Hmmm... I wonder if I'll have time to make a purse for this??

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