Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's beginning to look like..

...a purse!

The body of the Snap purse is almost done. It's been a little time consuming because I read and reread the directions with each step.
I'm not a huge fan of seam rippers!

Even though it's getting late and I'm not the least bit tired I'm going to stop now.

I'm having fun with this project but I will tell you that I feel it would be best if you have previous experience at making purses before tackling this one. Having succeeded and failed at many purses I wouldn't want someone to try this, fail, and get discouraged.

This is the body with straps sewn to the sides. Sticking out of the body is the lining. At the bottom is the bag base that I will attach tomorrow night, and at the top is the purse frame with the handles above it.

I've read the directions for cramming the purse into the frame a million times but I have a feeling it's not going to go well!

It's been great to have a couple of nights to just sew and relax. Probably the calm before the storm because I have to work at the inn Thursday, Friday, and Saturday which normally isn't a big deal but we have tons of golfers showing up for the weekend and let me tell you when they're off the leash (meaning the better half stays home) they are a huge PITA!!! If they aren't demanding everything just short of chewing their food for them, they think their drunken come on lines are 'cute'.

They're not!


Angelia said...

Hey!I'm catching up!
Glad to see you get some time to sew... I haven't been sewing at all! But going to get some in today!

Katie Alender said...

Very cute... so okay, I'm starting to believe that you really do have an obsession with purses. ;-)

laura said...

Hey Angelia! I've been reading your blog but haven't had much time to comment! Busy sewing you know!
Katie, a purse obsession might be the right term. In a day or so I'm going to post pictures of all (most) of the purses I've made, just for the heck of it.