Friday, June 13, 2008

A finished Burda dress and a model wannabe

Here I am standing in the salon area of our boat in my dress and holding my purse. I told Hans to take pictures of me on the foredeck so that I'd (all 5 feet of me!) look just like the models from Burda (who are always standing on the bows of boats and looking ever so sporty). But after a 'discussion' over my heels (Hans must have thought I intended to do the cha cha all over his fiberglass deck!) and my promise that I wouldn't mar anything, we took some pictures but I looked like hell and certainly not like a Burda model! So I won't show you those ones.

We finally took the water taxi into town and then wandered around St. Michael's which is of course quaint as I'm sure most port towns are.

Can you see the ducks in the background? They were kind enough to pose with me!

I did get a picture of one store's window that had purses in the shapes of dogs! However there were no price tags on them.

Doggy purses.

I know you really can't see it here but a HUGE yacht (probably in the 2-3 million dollar range!)pulled right up to the dock at the Crab place where we ate on Friday night. Our waitress said that the boat owner tipped her boss about $200.00 to help him dock it and now she wants that job! I, for one, can't imagine docking a boat that size. You should see Hans hindered (not helped) by me when we dock. I have a feeling they would give us $200.00 to stay away!

We headed back to our slip on Saturday morning and had a slow sail with just one dolphin sighting. We grilled the last of our steaks and I'm not kidding when I tell you I was ready for bed at 9:00. Sunday was spent at the pool and then all too quickly it was time to go back home to reality.


Well after my dryer gets fixed (it quit working after it heard that my cars have been getting far too much attention) I have some fabric to be washed and dried for either another messenger bag or a beach bag.


Anonymous said...

Great dress and great views too! I am so jealous.

Nikki said...

You look FABULOUS in the dress, and the bag is perfect with it.

I laughed at your comment on my blog re: toddlers. I'm FEELING "way over 40" most of the time when I'm trying to keep up with my little darling.

Angelia said...

You look awesome in your dress!!

laura said...

Thank you ladies! The dress was very comfortable and I'm really glad I lined it in cotton as it was miserably hot that weekend.