Saturday, June 7, 2008

More than a purse!

Just a quick post about my new purse.

I love it (In case you didn't realize that yet!)!

Anyway, I've been carrying it everywhere and after I tell people that I made it, in response to their comments, they say, "You're kidding! That is the most un-homemade purse I've ever seen!"

I just haven't figured out how to carry it while waitressing. I'm not coordinated enough to carry trays of food on my shoulder while having a purse dangle from my arm.


Although after last night and unfortunately tonight that's too bad.

This weekend we have over one hundred golfers staying at the inn. One group celebrated their 50th year of golf weekends with us and they are now down to seven men. Back in the day there were over twenty of them. They however aren't my problem.

My problem is a certain group of fifty-one! They are almost worse than the Red Hat ladies. Someday, when I'm not suffering from PMS (oh yes, it's that time), and I can actually allow Red Hat memories to come to the surface, I will post about them.

But not today.

Anyway, this group of fifty-one all demand separate checks, they don't arrive at the same time instead they just drift in at random all the while ignoring the please wait to be seated sign. One year a man filled his plate at the buffet and then sat down by himself at a table designed to hold 8 people. He refused to move to a smaller table and got the table cloth filthy which meant the entire thing had to be stripped and reset. Not something that you want to do on a hideously busy night! Some are already drunk or making really good progress at getting drunk and because they are sooooo much fun and sooooo witty they shout to you or their friends regardless of the other guests.

And after putting up with their nonsense for hours, they leave a $2.00 tip and this is fine dining! I leave more than that for breakfast!

So, I was thinking that if I could pull a rabbit out of my hat and carry my purse and my tray at the same time, I too could have a good time. Because you see, a brick would fit into that purse perfectly! Just imagine, every time one of those guys pissed me off I could take a swing at their head and they'd never know what hit them!

And there I would be, a sweet, innocent waitress who just happens to be holding a purse to literally die for!!!


Nikki said...

ooooh.... memories of waitressing days!!! I remember those large groups all too well!!!

SO GLAD you're enjoying your purse!!

Mary Witzl said...

That's a great purse! Whenever I've made anything, people immediately ask me if I made it; it's that obvious.

We used to have guests stay at our inn who behaved like that man you describe. One fellow (who didn't tip at all) ruined his tablecloth, then smoked a PIPE in his room (against our clearly written no-smoking policy, which we had to remind him about several times) -- all night long, from the smell of it the next day. It took me two weeks to get rid of the smell, during which time no one could stay in the room. I'd happily have bricked him.

laura said...

Oh Mary, been there myself! Last year someone almost bought the inn and one of his 'backers' was a very arrogant doctor who thought it was ok to smoke a VERY smelly cigar in one of our lovelier private dining areas and when I told him he would have to go to the bar he said, "They won't let me smoke a cigar in there." I could have hit him with a brick too! Thank God the deal fell through because I'm sure 'Mr. Backer' would have been a hideous regular!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.