Monday, February 15, 2010

The Amish on Ice, and welcome to the Olympics!

You have to be kidding me!

What was the costume designer of the Canadian Couple's Skating team thinking?? What awful costumes! Dear God, even I (and that's not saying much) could have done better.

The fact that they skated to "The Way We Were" was bad enough, but I swear someone dug up the hideous brown dress (Peter Pan collar and all) that my sister made in Home Ec (back in 1973) and made a spandex version of it for the female half of the team. The male half simply wore a Fruit of the Loom T-shirt over a pair of polyester pants.

It made my eyes hurt!

Hey Canada! No Gold For You!!


Schwang said...

We pride ourselves on not having TV; usually we can stream shows on our computer off the internet. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to see any of the Olympics and we've been missing all the ill-fashion that is figure-skating.

laura said...

I really do hate to be mean spririted but those costumes really were hideous! And while I understand their desire to dare veer from the norm (sequin overkill) and do something just didn't work.

Katie Alender said...

I thought the concept was interesting--I'm so tired of the trashy sequins looks--but the color was so dull it was really sort of shocking.

I confess, I did like the neckline--so sue me!

But really, there must be a happy medium between flesh-colored hosiery inserts in a sequined and feathered peacock costume and clothes stolen off the backs of little orphan Annie.

laura said...

Katie, (gasp) you disagree with me??? On my blog??? I shall stamp my feet and stick my tongue out at you!! From what I've been witnessing on other blogs these days I think that's what I'm supposed to do. But I do have to admit that after seeing an update on Olympic fashion disasters, this outfit really wasn't that bad. Maybe in anything other than a drab brown I would have found it to be cuter!

Katie Alender said...

Well, this is the part where I tell you that you're some sort of fascist and then I go start a whole blog telling people about your blog and how mean you are!

The last disaster I noticed was the sequins version of the tuxedo tee-shirt. Ouch!

laura said...

Katie, how about the shiny blue alien like costumes! And the poor guy with the scarves knotted all over his torso! And to think they pay thousands of dollars for those outfits!
BTW, if I had any friends (The Countess von Chlorox doesn't count, and anyway she can't type) they would have taken umbrage with your disagreeing with me! But I don't have any friends.