Monday, February 8, 2010

The Saints Came Marching In and Stay Tuned for Round Two!

I have to admit that since 'How 'bout Them Stillers' weren't in the running this year, I was pulling for The Saints because I just love rooting for the underdog (and Peyton Manning was a very gracious loser!).

So anyway, after the big snow (or Snowmageddon as it's being called) and all the shoveling I did on Saturday, I awoke on Sunday to... well let's just say that I'm not sure I'm glad I awoke!

I hurt that badly.

And I felt like such a wimp.

Before my move here to the Big City it was nothing to find myself shoveling out my driveway at any given moment and sometimes even twice a day.

But now I live here. They aren't supposed to get this kind of snow here.
Mother Nature is a bitch and my shoveling muscles deserted me sometime in November.

After a breakfast of prescription strength Ibuprofen I cut out a purse and then took a nap. Every muscle in my neck, back, and arms were screaming. I almost took Hans up on his offer to stay home and not go to our friend's house to watch the Super Bowl but I didn't want to be a party pooper.

And after we got to the party (they actually had a friend shuttling people from a church parking lot to their house because the snow left their street with only one lane) I felt like a heel because everyone there had shoveled snow, and some of these people were older than me!

It was around half time, and after we'd eaten tons of great food, and sang Happy Birthday to three people (the youngest being 50!), and I was trying to fasten my glow-in-the-dark bracelet to my wrist, that the hostess broke out the drugs.

And everyone was clamoring for their fair share.

I very primly refused, but only because I'd brought my own (in the form of Ibuprofen).

"Are you sure?" Elaine asked, and she shook the bottle in my face for emphasis.

"I'm fine." I smiled and watched as she moved on.

"Does anyone else need some Aleve?" she shouted. "Who all shoveled today?"

I'm just hoping there was enough to go around!

And now our fabulous SEVERE WEATHER FORECAST TEAM who never have anything to report are almost wetting their panties because another snow storm is supposed to dump an additional ten inches of snow on us tomorrow.

I'll be sure to show Hans where the shovel is!


Schwang said...

We just got a mini-storm...not as bad as yours. We only have a tiny stretch of sidewalk in front of our condo...but I'm lucky that E takes care of it.

laura said...

I'm hoping that our Severe Weather Forecast Team jumped the gun this time around. I'm used to snow but this city isn't and that's what makes this so difficult. They can't even clear the main roads.