Friday, February 12, 2010

More Etsy and a tiny bit of sewing.

I really liked the Scrabble Pendants I bought from Home Studio so I went back and bought a set of magnets for my sister's birthday.

My OLDER sister's birthday and believe me I don't ever let her forget that she's OLDER!!!

Let me tell you, she sure as hell never let me forget it when we were kids.

The magnets arrived in this nifty little tin.

My sister is a huge Wizard of Oz fan and for her birthday last year I made her a Nicole Mallalieu Beach Bag out of Oz fabric.

I was very happy to note that she had all of her knitting stuff in it when I saw her at one of our family functions.

She inherited my mother's creativity, and knits some beautiful things.

This bag has front pockets which are divided by the straps.

And of course the hard bottom that I like so much!

I ordered these a few days ago and once again they got here lickedy-split (even in this crazy ass weather!).

Check out the back of the scrabble tiles.

D is for Dorothy.
H is for Home.
W is for Witch.
T is for Toto.

I have no idea if this is intentional or not but I love them.

And I couldn't leave well enough alone so I ended up with these.

I've added a sewing machine, and an orange flower (just because I love orange).

And then I remembered this purse. The one I made from the Orla Kiely tea towels.

And sonofagun if they don't look good together.

So good that I combined them when we out for beer and pizza tonight.

Kinda like wearing matching undies, it just made me feel good.

I delivered my little girl purse today with its matching zippered wallet.

I wasn't sure about using two different flowers but Hans (my fashion critiquer and guru) gave me the okay.

I found both flower tutorials over at Freebies For Crafters (a lot of fun things there!!!), and Khris, who helps put this blog together, was nice enough to show this picture on her blog.

A close up of the wallet.
That little flower really adds something doesn't it?

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Kathi D said...

Well, as long as Hans approves, it's OK with me!

Love all the goodies you have pictured today!