Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finally back home and sewing! With a little help from a friend.

I got home from Florida on Thursday (only to find Hans hadn't done a lick of laundry including his two weeks worth of his travel clothes, didn't scoop kitty poop etc... so guess how I spent my Friday!) and on Saturday we took off to Maryland in order to get our boat ready for the season.

I could post a thousand words about getting our Knotty Cat commissioned but I'll save that for a future sailing blog.

We got back yesterday and today I was finally able to get started on the formal gown I'm to wear to the Wedding of the Century this May in Germany.

I constructed the bodice out of muslin using a size 10 and the fit was just right. I then ripped the whole thing apart because I plan on re-using the muslin pieces as the 'inner lining' on the dress. This went very quickly because I got smart and cut these pieces out on the ironing board as the Countess von Chlorox usually interferes in all things 'sewing related'.

But cutting out the actual dress was a whole different story.

The Countess had fallen asleep on our bed and I was like, "YES!" the baby is asleep and I can finally get something done!!!

I had just spread 4 or more yards of fabric on the floor and was laying out the pattern when I heard the ominous thump that told me The Countess was awake and on her way.


This floor length gown has to be cut on the bias and I had less than the minimal amount of fabric needed to make it.

Chlorox bathed, preened, wiggled, pranced, and slept on nearly every inch of this fabric as I tried to cut it out, but I didn't have the guts to lock her up (she screams like a banshee). It took much longer than necessary but the dress is now ready to be sewn and I hope to get started on it tomorrow.

I only wish she really knew how to sew, imagine what a help she could be!


TE said...

Two of my felines are also very "helpful." I can trick them into "helping" on their "own projects" by placing an unused pattern piece, extra scissors, and some fabric off to the side. I do have to "help" them with their "projects" every five minutes or so, but that's less disruptive, really. Geez, the things we do to keep our families happy!

Cyndi said...

Oh yes, the feline apprentices...I have two of them myself. Any project that involves fabric, thread, ribbon, or paper results in help from a cat (or two), whether it's needed or not! The dog, on the other hand, just sits at the door of my sewing room all day and "grunts" at me because he wants me to come and play with him! It's a wonder anything gets done at all!



P.S. Know what you mean about the laundry - my hubby travels too and I'm constantly up to my neck in dirty clothes!

laura said...

TE, I thought I was the only one who resorted to this kind of trickery. It works for a moment and then she's right back again. She absolutely loves scissors and will actually put her nose on them as I cut. Brave or stupid? I'm not sure.
Cyndi, Why does your dog remind me of a man, because it seems like they always need something as soon as you get busy?