Thursday, March 4, 2010

I survived my 50th but revenge will be sweet!

This is what was waiting for me at my mother's house when I arrived for my birthday.

My favorite chocolate roll cake with a cream filled center, and she only had a day's notice to make it.

I'm just thankful she didn't make me her infamous coffin shaped cake.

My wonderful sister (insert sarcasm here) always leaves my birthday present at my mother's house at Christmas time so when my birthday rolls around I can open it in front of my mom and dad. This is because she lives far away and can't be here with us.

Anyway, I opened my card and was immediately assaulted with the phrase HAPPY 60TH. I felt my face go hot (and believe me, at my age I don't need any help with that) and then I opened it. She had written, "You don't look a day older."

"What a bitch!" I yelled, and even my dad who's hard of hearing heard me.

I showed it to him and after studying it he innocently asked, "Do you think she just picked up the wrong card?" She always was his favorite!

"She most certainly did not!!!" I was furious and Dad laughed.

Grrrrr! If she didn't live half way across the state...

But that's ok, she's five years older than me and oh my, will I ever make her pay!!!

When I walked into my parents' house this little (really hugely overweight) lady greeted me. My parents are dog sitting for neighbors who are vacationing in Florida. They got her from a shelter and you couldn't ask for a sweeter or more polite dog. I never lacked for doggie kisses while I was there and was pretty soggy by the time I left.
But that's ok!

Kissie Pooh, the cowardly doberman is actually friends with her neighbor but since Kissy Pooh doesn't like me (I call myself the wicked step sister), she didn't hang around. She went into the living room and sulked.
That was ok with me too.

Then I went to visit Baby Girl.

Here she is with her roommate's Burmese Mountain Dog puppy.

Ella is very sweet but has gas issues.

Ella is the dog.

And Evvy is still Evil.

Here she is chewing snow.

Evvy thinks she's a dog, and Ellie loves Evvy so the two of them wrestle all day long.

Ella, however, has wearied of getting her face smacked with sharp kitty claws and has come up with a new defense.

Here it is.

This morning Hans couldn't wait to show me what was awaiting us on the kitchen floor. "Look at that!" he pointed with a flourish.

It was my birthday cake! My chocolate roll cake! My most favorite cake in the world! And apparently Chlorox's too! I should have known better because the last time I brought one home I found the plastic wrap pulled back ever so slightly and the creamy center gone!

I mistakenly blamed Hans and I guess he remembers.

So now in addition to my sister, I have a cat to get even with.

That ought to keep me busy.


Schwang said...

What a great birthday complete with swiss cake roll, pooches, and kitties. I didn't know cats could be so sneaky. Or is it just Clorax?

gwensews said...

Happy Birthday! Really, once you get used to 50, the other birthdays come easily.

laura said...

Schwang, cats can be horribly sneaky! They just blame the dog.

Gwen, I wish they would just slow down, it seems like I have one every 6 months.

Katie Alender said...

Happy birthday! I confess, I thought that cake was a coffin shape. I guess I must have subconsciously figured you got your wicked sense of humor somewhere.

What cute dogs!

Cyndi said...

Hey Laura. Glad you had a nice birthday, in spite of your sister's card! My sister is two years younger than me, so is always digging at me about being the older sister. I just give it right back to her and tell her that I may be older, but I'm also prettier! Ha ha!! And, now that we are both ""older, she's also no longer the "skinnier" sister. Now THAT really makes me feel good. (I'm bad, huh?)

Yep, gotta watch those cats. My two are sneaky, but then I love them that way. And I have to say, my dog is sneakier than the cats!

Take care,


laura said...

Katie, my mom's coffin cake looks too authentic ! Wide at the top, narrow at the bottom it looks just like the ones you see in old movies. And it comes complete with a spray of roses across the top!

Cyndi, (BTW my sister's name is Cindy) just loves to needle me. She also signs the cards she sends to our parents, "from your only child" or "from your favorite daughter". But I don't care!!! I'm still younger, and taller (and I'm only 5 feet tall.)!!!