Monday, March 8, 2010

Good God what a day!!!

One thing I love about my new job (professional house cleaner) is that we don't work Mondays. I mean, what's better than that.

So after breakfast I called my daughter (Vet Tech Girl) and asked her if she would like to go on a shopping spree to The Good Will with me.

It was supposed to be a fun day.

A day of no work.

I'm now feeling a bit like Alice in Wonderland and I believe I fell into a huge rabbit hole because it's now a quarter to ten (yes 10PM) and I just sat down.

We had a very successful shopping trip (I picked up the tab).

We discussed her new roommate and I tiptoed around the 'odor issue' that Roommate's mother detected upon delivering Roommate's furnishings.

Vet Tech Girl just couldn't understand what the problem was, because she can't smell anything! And for the first time in four years she invited me into her apartment (which is the lower apartment in our duplex), and for the first time in four years, I entered it.

I immediately took her to Lowe's and we got an air purifier and next week we may need to get another one. I also picked up a new garbage can, and some floor mats for outside entry ways.

I told Vet Tech Girl that if she'd start some picking up and moving around of furniture (for carpet steaming) I would take Duncan, my exquisitely beautiful and brilliant granddog for a long walk and hopefully blow off some stink (and steam).

Actually Duncan doesn't stink but I think the effect of 5 cats, a rabbit (minus the rabbit that died a couple of months ago), and a dog in a tiny one bedroom apartment, with a girl who's not overly concerned with cleaning, isn't going to smell like a meadow.

Once back from the walk I dug out my cleaning supplies and got to work. The tiny kitchen itself took hours. Around seven o'clock I called for pizza delivery and pulled a cat off the counter top dishwasher that I'd just scrubbed. In the bathroom I cleaned around cats that slid from the sink to the tub with reptilian stealth. They then proceeded to hide behind the shower curtain where I think they hold kitty cat caucuses. I learned which cats love each other (the one's in the bathtub) and which cats hate each other (the one's who fought).

I can't and won't go into gory details but I'm astonished that this new roommate actually came over, looked at the apartment, and agreed to move in.

She's very sweet, and college educated, which leads me to believe she's in the witness protection program, on the lam from the law, or just plain crazy, and we'll probably learn she holds animal sacrifices every full moon and has hit the jackpot with Vet Tech Girl!

I'm going back on Wednesday for round two and I've been promised that the rabbit is going to a new home.

He'll hopefully go down that hole I went down today.

I just hope he doesn't come back!!!

Here's my little man looking so fierce with his restrainer.

He had such a good time except one little dog called him all kinds of names! Duncan was a gentleman and kept right on going and never once barked at the rotten little provoker!

And with his best friend.

Even Duncan thought this was funny!!!


Cyndi said...

Wow, you really did have a long, busy day! Sounds like you make good progress with your daughter's apartment, though. And Duncan sure is a cutie!



Schwang said...

Oh, work on off-work days. I love the pictures of Duncan.