Monday, February 7, 2011

Sewing Bloggers Meet

Mary, from MarySews, was kind enough to let me know that if we were able to finally motor into the Daytona, FL area we should let her know so we could meet.

Well after a very eventful trip through the Intracoastal I honestly started to think we'd never arrive, and then TAAADAAA! There we were!

Mary and her husband Paul came by last night and we hope they had a nice visit. Wilbur insisted on being the Welcome Wagon and he barged into our photo op!

We had a wonderful visit, and Mary and Paul were so nice and offered their services should we need them.

The last blogger I met was Marji from Fiber Arts Afloat and I get such a kick out of what a small world it is after all!


Cyndi said...

How fun! I bet it's really cool meeting up with blog buddies. And of course Wilbur needed to be in the is all about him, after all, right? ;o)



laura said...

It's always all about Wilbur! And it really is fun to finally meet fellow bloggers, the internet is an amazing thing.

Marji said...

Hi Laura!!
We too are Finally in Florida! After taking the ICW all the way to Charleston SC, we have continued our journey "outside".
We arrived in Beaufort SC just before Thanksgiving. We'd intended to dock the boat there until the first week in January, however another rather important repair was necessary that kept us in Beaufort until the third week in January. When we left we went outside and did a 52 hour transit all the way to West Palm Beach. We were in the Palm Harbor marina then for 4 days. What a beautiful place and a beautiful facility.
Sunday we left there and did a one day sail outside down to Ft Lauderdale. We're at Bahia Mar now, and current plan is to wait til Friday when northwest winds are predicted so that we can actually sail to Biscayne Bay.
Glad to see you're back on the boat.
I don't think I have your phone #. I'll try to find your email and send you my phone, so that if we end up in the same place we can connect. We have several friends on boats already in Marathon, which is where we're heading.
Fair Winds, Marji

laura said...

Good to hear from you! We are headed to Ft.Lauderdale and need to be there by the 25th or so.
My email is: hanslaurasail at gmail dot com.

marysews said...

Paul and I both had fun! I thought about you this morning, and how I could blog about two nice people, a cat, and a dog (I have a poetic license). We've been keeping busy though, so I'm sharing that thought now. Yes, it's all about Wilbur ... ! He should bring you guyz by again some time.

Ken n Cheryl said...

So nice to meet fellow bloggers with the same interests! Can't wait to meet some of you cruisers in the future!