Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wilbur is sad

This is what a sad little pit bull looks like.
Why is Wilbur so sad?
He feels bad because not all pitties are loved as much as he is.
Far too many of them are being thrown away like garbage and usually after being starved, beaten, and sometimes even shot.

I read a lot of blogs written by owners of rescued pit bulls and their stories are unbelievable. The amazing thing is though, that these dogs who were treated so cruelly by so called human beings are still full of love and affection. One dog in particular that I read about was found in a dumpster. She was grossly underweight and had open sores all over her but when a policeman opened up the lid and discovered her, she wagged her tail. She's now in foster care and well on her way to getting a forever home with loving owners.

Another pit bull was tossed into a mall parking lot in Texas during last summers heat. She had almost no hair due to mange and was lying there on the scorching pavement in 110 degree temperatures until someone found her and took her to the vet. She was also starving and suffered from heart worms, mange, a destroyed eye, and then they discovered she was pregnant. She has had a long and painful recovery but she gave birth to a litter of beautiful pups who've all been placed in homes. Recently during her heart worm treatment the vets discovered she'd been shot in her rear end. Through all of this she has remained very sweet and loving and we all hope the rest of her time on this earth will be fear and pain free.

Anyway the cost for the treatment for these dogs can be very high as we all know. Some vets are kind enough to offer a discount which helps but it's still expensive.

The latest pit bull who needs help is named Shy. You can read about her here and here.

Shy has been living at a vet clinic for quite some time and they think she may even have a future home but she still needs cataract surgery as she's going blind.

If anyone would like to make a donation I tried to add a chip in button to this post (If I failed, you can find it at Two Pitties blog). Any amount will be very much appreciated and if you have paypal it's a breeze. Just a couple of bucks is all it takes.

Let's put a smile like this back on Wilbur's face!!!


Cyndi said...

Oh, what a beautiful girl Shy is! And her story is so bittersweet...sad that she had such a rough beginning, but sweet in that her loving nature and sweet spirit haven't been broken. I really hope that someone will adopt her...I would if I didn't have cats and the stupid, ignorant county in which I live makes it illegal to own a Pitt Bull. And, I certainly don't want precious Wilbur to be sad, so I will be going and giving a donation for Shy's cataract surgery. I'll be rooting for her!



laura said...

Thanks Cyndi! You're one of the nicest people I've met via the internet!

Two Pitties in the City said...

What a great, and well-written post! Thank you so much for supporting Shy. I know there are so many awful things that happen to our dogs, but then again it is so amazing to see how people rally together in support of a dog they've never even met. And of course, I love the Wilbur photos.

laura said...

There will always be people who do awful things to animals but thankfully there are others who want to undo the hurt as much as possible.
I really do wish all animals were as loved and taken care of as ours are.

Ken n Cheryl said...

So sad! Pit or not, I'll never understand how someone can be so cruel to an animal! We had a pit years ago, and he was the sweetest thing! Hope Shy finds the loving home she deserves!

Anonymous said...

this is such a great post! we were turned on to shy's story by two pitties a few weeks back, and chipped in what we could for her then.
and dare i assume, that the dumpster dog you refer to is my own foster lollie wonderdog, who has found her perfect foreverhome as of last week? thank you for the shout out -- i hope some of your other friends can contribute to shy's journey and turn wilbur's frown upside down!

follow our foster: loveandaleash.wordpress.com

laura said...

Lollie was indeed the dog I was referring to. Wilbur thinks she's beautiful and I was so glad to see that she's most likely found her forever home.