Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some more boat sewing and Wilbur jumps ship!

I made some pot holders a while back and decided I may as well use them on the boat. You can see that I have them stacked upright in my pantry area, and in my spice bin.

I put them beside a can of Pringles (the super stack sized) and you can see how big they are. Actually, they make great trivets.
I pleated and re-sewed another part of what was originally a purse storage bag and hung it in the guest head.

Yesterday we ended up staying an extra day at our marina because Hans had to replace some plumbing. When our boat was winterized someone at the boat yard didn't drain all the water out properly and a brass pipe burst. This extra time allowed me to mount my new storage bins.

They're in our guest berth but I stuck our bottles of sunscreen in one, clothes pins in another, and some clothing in the last one. I have enough of this stuff remaining to make another set.
It's all about storage on a boat!

Last but not least, Wilbur snuck off the boat this morning as we were getting ready to cast off. Hans and I were both in the cockpit trying to remove our grill and I was positive I'd heard Wilbur's tags jingle. We had the engines running and and Hans was going to get our dock lines ready to release. That's when I wondered why Wilbur wasn't in the cockpit with us as he's always getting in the way. After checking the salon area and then our berth and not finding a dog, I started becoming alarmed. Hans insisted he'd just seen him in our berth so I went below again and pounded the covers in order to make sure he wasn't hiding.
He wasn't.
That's when I lost it. Hans turned off the engines and I jumped onto the dock and started screaming Wilbur's name. I was trying to peer under the boat when someone way up the dock yelled out to me. "Up here" he shouted, and I saw about three people looking out into the parking lot. I started running as fast as I could and as I approached the end of the dock, I saw Wilbur coming back toward the men who'd been calling for him. I was shaking so bad and breathing so hard I'm surprised I was able to remain standing.
I have no idea what possessed him to jump over (it was a big drop too!) and it must have been a pretty fast maneuver on his part since Hans and I were right there! Yesterday when I took him for a walk he was fascinated with an area right behind a white car. He pulled me over to it several times and nearly inhaled the pavement he sniffed so hard. That's pretty much where he was when we found him and it must have been preying on his mind all night long to get back to that spot.

This is what a baaaaad pitty looks like after getting caught. Once we hauled him back on the boat he hightailed it to our bunk.
He's always on a tether when he's in the cockpit but from now on when we're ready to cast off I'm going to close him in our berth.


Two Pitties in the City said...

Oh, he is like a teen who tries to sneak out of the house. That is so scary, and it is good that everything turned out ok. I can't imagine what was so amazing on the pavement that he just had to find it for himself.

laura said...

I just said something to Hans about Wilbur becoming an adolescent! But I was just as scared as the time one of my daughters hid in a clothing rack at WalMart. Pure panic!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I'm glad he was safe and sound! I am sure you were reliving your trauma with your poor kitty.

laura said...

That's all I could think about. I was sure he'd gone overboard and I'd never see him again.