Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sonofagun!! Another purse sewn, and I like it!

I mentioned in my previous post that I wanted to make a purse for my daughter. She told me that it had to be roomy and slouchy (what she meant was unstructured and floppy), but after going through the gazillion purse patterns that I already own, I couldn't find a one of them that might work. Then I remembered that Rebeka Lambert from Artsy Crafty Babe makes cute bags and sells her patterns on Etsy. I was sure that the Phoebe Bag (a free download) would be exactly what my daughter wanted but luckily I asked her first because she said, "No."


But she did like the Ava Rose.


I was thrilled when shortly after buying the downloadable version from Etsy, my printer was happily spitting out the pattern. Why was I so happy? Because Rebeka lets you know she will send the pattern to you within 48 hours of purchase, and I had it within about one!!!!

So here it is, and I decided to make it reversible. This is the side I think will get used the most.

Here is the inside. There's a line of stitching down the center of that pocket so now there are two pockets instead of one. They are also held closed with Velcro for extra security.

That big button is there for a reason...

And, aha, here it is...

It's now on the outside, as are the pockets.

In order to make the bag 'reversible' I ended up leaving an opening at the top of the bag for 'turning' and then just folded the seam allowances in and sewed it shut during the top stitching.

But anyway, I was concerned when I found that the directions specifically mentioned that this is supposed to be a structured bag and that is not what my daughter wanted!


So I omitted all interfacing's (even in the straps) and just sandwiched a layer of stash fabric in the bag body for a bit of stability. I basted it to the lining (the yellowish green fabric) and treated it as one. And for the most part it turned out just fine!


My only issue with this bag is the not so great job I did with the bottom. It's a gusset style construction and the yellow side's bottom is pretty wonky (possibly due to working with two layers of fabric). I may send an email to Beki and ask her if she has any hints.

I'm actually very happy with this bag and I really hope my daughter likes it too. I wouldn't mind making another one and use some contrasting fabric for the bottom and sides. This pattern really lends itself to that idea.

And I'm happy to add that I downloaded the free Phoebee bag and I have just enough fabric left over to make one for myself.

And yes, it will be reversible too!!

It appears to be a given that I can't sign off without a picture of Wilbur the Wonderdog.

Here he is in the back seat of my vehicle today after a visit to the off leash doggy park where he's the reigning king.

No one had better ever dare try to usurp this guy!

It just isn't going to happen!


Two Pitties in the City said...

Love the reversible. And of course, love the final photo of Wilbur.

laura said...

Two Pitties, Thanks from both Wilbur and me!