Sunday, June 26, 2011

This crazy thing called life!

But first a bit about sewing.

I loved the Amy Butler fabric I used for my daughter's Ava Rose bag so much, I was thrilled to have enough left over to cut out a Phoebe for myself.

The main body will once again be the brick color.
The lining will be the yellow/green with a pocket.

The handle will be brick on one side and yellow/green on the other, and since it will also be reversible, each has a matching tab closure with a contrasting button.

I only bought two acrylic buttons for my daughter's bag but luckily I had some big button thingies that you cover with your own fabric and I think they look just fine.

Still not sewn and lying on my ironing board .

I want this purse to have some body to it so I will be adding fusible fleece to the main piece and interfacing to the lining.

I would have finished this today except Hans and I went for our first bike ride of the year. Yes, June is almost over and we had yet to go for a ride. I'm glad to report that this year our Big City completed its bike trail into our neighborhood but I fear Hans misses the good old days of fence jumping.

The temperature was perfect and after I took Wilbur to the dog park in an attempt to wear him out so we could leave him at home and not feel guilty, we were gone for over three hours. It was a great ride but soon after we got home I realized I had a huge rip in the seat of my capris! Like seam to seam! Thank God I was wearing panties but Hans swears that they must have torn after we got home as he didn't notice it during our ride.

So on to the crazy stuff.

It would appear that we are going to move to Florida sometime in August to live on our boat.

Florida in August!!

On a boat that has no air conditioning!

Hans received a job offer down there and at this stage of the game we really need to take advantage of it. Our recent foray into the let's try to live on the boat ended up eating deeply into our savings, and just try to find affordable health care at our age (it doesn't exist)! So we're going to give up our apartment, move the boat to a marina (it's currently on the hard) and live on it there.

After all, we bought the boat with the intention of someday living on it and now we will. We'll just be in a marina and I'm okay with that.
Luckily the marina we're looking at is very affordable, has Wi-Fi (free!), showers, laundry, a swimming pool, parking next to the slip, shopping, restaurants, and theaters within walking distance, and free ice and water.
And (drum roll here) the most important thing, they allow dogs!!!!!!

I'm hoping if I tell my family that they now have a free place to vacation during the winter, they'll be okay with it too.

Somehow I doubt it.

Poor Wilbur. "We're moving where? Are you guys nuts??!!"


Debbie Cook said...

Where in Florida?? I would love to meet Wilbur ... and you and Hans too, of course! :-)

laura said...

Debbie, We'll be on the west coast near Clearwater and why do I feel like we'll be nowhere near any of the Floridian (is that a word?)bloggers that I follow. Anyway, Wilbur loves meeting his fans any chance he can, and Hans and I are used to taking a back seat to him!

marysews said...

Where is this marina? We would love to see you all again!

Debbie Cook said...

Hey, that's MY side of Florida. I'm east of Tampa, about 40 minutes from Clearwater Beach once I clear suburbia. Faster if there were no traffic or stoplights. Chili and Dani are the unofficial Welcome Waggin' for any dog meet-up so Wilbur will be sniffed all over multiple times. Pepper, not so much, but she's old and grumpy.

August is the month we Floridians (yes, it's a word) stay inside, but it may be cooler off the boat than on it. ;-)

Ken n Cheryl said...

How exciting! Clearwater is where my husband was born and once we sail our way to that area we'll be staying a little while. Looking forward to hearing more about the marina and your liveaboard life! Sounds like a great marina, swimming pool and all AND you should save a ton of money! Wal-Mart sells little a/cs for about $100 that you may be able to place in your hatch. Well worth it if it could work for you!

laura said...

Mary, we'll be near Clearwater and St. Petersburg. A bit of a distance from where we hooked up with you, but that's what cars are for! Maybe we'll see you in a couple of months!

Debbie, I'm thrilled to pieces! It would be wonderful to meet up with you. I've lived in PA all my life and I am so not ready for Florida.
In August.
I'm already melting.

Cheryl, An A/C unit will be our first purchase but since we only draw 30 amps we need to do some homework (and hopefully not more boat work).

Cyndi said...

Hey Laura! Great looking Phoebe bag you're making...I'm happy that you had some fabric left over for yourself!

Wow, how exciting! I'm heading to St. Pete on Friday...Jeff's brother lives there and we go down every year. His aunt lives in Clearwater, too, so hopefully you and I will get to meet up since you'll be close. We'll be moving down there in about four years, when Jeff "retires" from the job he currently has.

Smoochies to Wilbur!



P.S. Come over to my blog and enter my give away...I think there's a prize there with your name on it! ;o)

laura said...

Cyndi, what a coincidence! If you have family down there then I'm sure we'll end up meeting some day. I've been googling fabric stores in that area and am hoping they have something besides JoAnns!
Have fun on your trip and try to stay cool.

Carolyn said...

OK, to all you West Coast Floridians, I am in Clearwater, do not have a blog, but would love to meet up with you. E-mail me at carriemak at aol dot com!