Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another purse and someone needs to stop me now!!!

So here's my latest. It's the Phoebe Bag (a free download) from Artsy Crafty Babe. I made it from the Amy Butler remnants of a bag I made for one of my daughters. I'd originally picked this pattern out for her and I was a bit disappointed when she vetoed it. However, after I finished the Phoebe I can honestly say it was a good decision on her part.

First of all, let me say, The Phoebe is a really nice pattern, and I love it!

For me.

However, it's not nearly as roomy as the Ava Rose that I ended up making for her.

And that's a good thing to know.

I guess it must be that whole 'make-the-most-of-what-you have-I-lived-through-the-depression' attitude that my mother passed down to me that made me make this bag reversible.

I do this to a lot of the purses I make.

Note to self: apply some Scotch-Guard to the button I covered in light covered fabric. I can see the possibility of it becoming grimy very quickly.

And the flip side.

I added a double pocket just below the button.

I actually think I may like this side better than the other.

But honestly!! I really don't need any more purses but I just can't stop!! And today I found a free market bag download and before I knew it I was off and running (more on that to follow).

Check out the tired pitty. Today was a particularly wild day at the off leash dog park where Wilbur reigns supreme.

He is such a special pooch and I get a huge kick out of watching him have major zoomies as he alternately chases all kinds of dogs and then lets them chase him. It also thrills me to watch people go out of their way to pet him.

He's truly a Good Will Ambassador for Pit Bulls.

Needless to say I was very thankful tonight that Wilbur was so stinking worn out, and I was finally able to spread my very first quilt top out on the dining room floor and baste some quilt batting to it without him doing his cat impersonation!

He snored through the whole procedure.


Cyndi said...

Hey Laura! Your Phoebe Bag looks great, and I think I like the side with the pocket the best, too. I've made several of those and although it is a great pattern, and I don't usually carry a large purse, I found it to be a bit small. And believe me...I know what ya mean about not being able to stop making purses...LOL!

Wilbur is a fantastic dog and it's amazing that he is so wonderful, given the rough start to life that he endured. He's so lucky to have ended up with you and Hans. Next to Noah, Wilbur is my favorite dog! :o)

Heading down to Florida today and can't wait to just lounge in my BIL's pool all day, every day for 10 days!



Two Pitties in the City said...

I love that Wilbur is such a great ambassadog. Now that you have all the purses, do you have some special places you're going?

laura said...

Cyndi, I could handle Florida in the summer as long as a pool was involved! Have a great time!

Two Pitties, Ambassadog, I love that! And no I'm not going any place special, I just love to make purses.