Sunday, December 30, 2007

I want to rip my hair out

I'm so very frustrated. Now that I'm down to one job (the inn where I waitress is closed until spring), I decided to throw myself into blogging, sewing, and posting on pattern review with a vengeance. However nothing ever seems to come easily to me. Hence, you can see why I partly named my blog 'sew at sea'. Besides having a boyfriend who loves to sail, I seem to just flounder around a lot and not accomplish much.

I wanted to post a lot of things on pattern review today. I managed to get one pattern review done when I decided to add the option of having my reviews run down the side of my blog.


Pattern review says that adding the widget to my sidebar is a snap! Not to this obviously stupid blond. What am I doing wrong????!!! I'll have to email either pattern review or someone who uses this option on their blog. I thought I just had to add it as a page element but it's just not working. It also doesn't help that my computer is 7 years old and slower than the Buicks I always manage to get behind when I'm in a hurry (if you have a Buick, then I apologize, but do any of them go over 35 MPH?).

As it is, I'm going to stick a few pictures on my blog and figure out the reviews later. Actually, I'm such an amateur I can't see where any of my reviews would help anyone anyway.

This is McCalls 5139. It's really a halter pattern but I made it into a dress. On pattern review my name is Laura O. It's the only review at the moment.

I think maybe I need to stop right now.

I did rotate this photo, I promise!!! But I went and posted the original. Just turn your head to the side and then make an appointment with your chiropractor. This is cousin Charlie and me at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. At first I found it to be very odd. Just tons of cement blocks in varying sizes and depths. This is where we were in the deepest area and it was slightly claustrophobic. These blocks were very high. When you first walk around them, some are only knee deep but they get taller and taller and the ground slopes inward also.

This is Hans and I outside of the memorial. You can see what I mean about the cement slabs being very shallow on the outer edges. Should we be kissing at such a somber sight? I don't know but that's just something we do.

Check out the big German legs (his not mine).

But anyway that's just one dress. I hope to figure out my computer issues later but right now I hear wings and beer calling.

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cidell said...

Hi Laura!

Welcome to the blogosphere! When you added the 'review' feature from PR, did you use the 'javascript / html' option in blogger?