Thursday, December 20, 2007

This is a BWOF top made from a Martha Stewart shower curtain that I bought off of EBay for .99 cents. I wanted a large, open weave eyelet and couldn't find any on the Internet. I jumped onto EBay looking for some, this shower curtain came up, I thought it would work well and it did. I used the bottom scalloped edge of the curtain for the top part of the halter . I got this pattern from Lauralo at lauras sewing room. Her stuff is incredible. I saw the top she had made but couldn't for the life of me figure out where she'd gotten the pattern. I sent her a message via and she immediately got back to me.It was a pattern you could only get if you subscribe to Burda World of Fashion Magazine. Since the magazine isn't sold around here I had to subscribe, but she was nice enough to trace off a copy for me. All the way from Bucharest for goodness sake! Aren't sewists the nicest people. I'm sure it has nothing to do with her name being Laura!So anyway I've made this top in eyelet, old blue jeans, and a lime green fabric that would have been hell to work with if I hadn't sprayed the living daylights out of it with spray starch before I cut it out.

The only thing I really don't like about this style of top is that I'm short (5')and the fullest part hits me right in the hips and makes me look wider than I am. I did cut out some of the fullness in the lime green top as opposed to the eyelet one. Plus the lime green one has drapier fabric. I plan on making more of this top because it's so easy to make and easily modified for other looks.

Over all I do like BWOF but I do have trouble following their directions, their translations are sometimes a bit odd. If I were to get the German version, my boyfriend could translate but I'm impatient and would probably accuse him of giving me wrong information.

I've got to take some more pictures but I should really be getting ready for Christmas. I don't have anything wrapped and I have to work tonight (waitressing) and tomorrow night, so that leaves Sunday. I told Hans that he's going to have to watch football or play poker and leave me alone for a few hours on Sunday because I refuse to wrap presents on Christmas Eve.

He asked if I have enough paper for him as he hasn't wrapped anything either. When I told him (optimistically) that I have TONS of paper to wrap MY presents with, he informed me that he only needs a piece about 6" square.

Hans lives life on the edge.

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Angelia said...

Pretty tops!! I love BWOF!!
I got the pattern for the messanger bag off ... I don't think you can get it anymore... and I didn't save the file for it after I print it. You could write them and see if they would send you the file... it was a free pattern after all... if they can't I can send you a copy of it. This bag is truly fab-u-lous!