Thursday, December 20, 2007

Me and The Beast (her given name is Blossom but my animal activist daughter is the only one who calls her that).
The picture propped on the floor is a Wysocki print that I bought off of ebay (who needs groceries?).
I couldn't afford to frame it (because eventually one does need to buy groceries) so I hid it in my closet for about 3 years. My boyfriend Hans stole it (look out Judge Judy) and secretly had it framed for my birthday (don't worry about which one!). He had a very elaborate plan that involved lighting my fireplace and posing my 2 cats in cute cat poses, just like the picture. I was to close my eyes and when I opened them I was supposed to see my picture and my cats all at once and then tell Hans how wonderful he was. Well The Beast felt upstaged and with tail held high (so we could be treated to the sight of her dirty bottom) she left the room in a huff. Only Chlorox (the sweet kitty) remained. I still told Hans how wonderful he was.
When we took the picture upstairs to see which wall we should hang it on, guess who decided that she needed to be in on things. Everything is done on The Beast's terms and don't forget it.

Once Hans said to me, "I never thought I'd see the day that I dated a woman with cats."(read syphilis).
Ok, he's almost perfect.

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