Thursday, July 21, 2011

A bright spot in my otherwise crappy summer!

Cyndi over at Blue Bird's Wing recently had a give-a-way on her blog and I was one of the very lucky winners! If you click on her link and then click on my blog name, you'll get a much better picture of what I won.

This picture I took is awful, but the fabric is beautiful. Tons of fat quarters plus one full 1/2 yard.

My biggest fear is that I'll do something stupid and ruin all of it!

Also included in a very cheerful bag (and certainly not part of the giveaway) were: a diary, note cards w/envelopes, notepad, pencil case, and passport holder. All coordinating and all very cute! Honestly, I don't think I've had this kind of combo since I was a kid and it just made me feel good. Not to mention that they will all be put to good use.

I love to read Blue Bird's Wing and it's one of my all time favorite blogs. Cyndi has a way of making everyone feel like she's their friend, I just wish she were my neighbor!!

Do check out her blog because in addition to being nice, she makes beautiful purses, she has a great wallet tutorial, and she likes my Wilbur!!!

Anyway, Hans and I are moving to Florida next month, and if you want to know how I feel about Florida in August, read this post. Apparently Hans is an even better salesman than I've given him credit for.

We will be living on our boat in a marina and I'll post the particulars of that type of lifestyle on a future blog. Don't worry, my sewing machine and a good bit of my fabric stash will be going with me.

I found this nifty little sewing board at the Good Will for $3.00. It'll make the trip to the boat with us and you can't beat that kind of deal with a stick!

Cyndi also sent along two very tasty rawhide chews for Wilbur. I ended up spending most of my day running around with my daughter and couldn't get Wilbur to the doggy park but since it was so stinking hot I was thrilled to give Wilbur one of those treats instead.

Wilbur was happy too!


Cyndi said...

Hey Laura! I'm so glad that your package FINALLY made it to you! Sorry again for how long it took me to mail it! I'm happy that you like those fabrics....don't they feel nice? And don't won't ruin them! As for the little matchy combo, I just thought they were fun. Who can't use a notepad and note cards, and I thought you could use that little tote to either store some of your stuff on the boat, or carry stuff to and from the bathhouse. Since it's vinyl, it won't hurt it to get it wet!

And I'm glad that Wilbur is enjoying his chewies! Noah loves those and I thought Wilbur might, too. Very cute pic of him munching away!

Chat soon!



laura said...

Cyndi, everything will come in handy! Thanks again from me and Wilbur!

gwensews said...

You must really, really love that man! I would have lasted, maybe 3 hours on the boat! We have one parked in the water in front of our house. I've been in it, maybe twice. Have a great time with those fabulous fabrics, and wishing you some coolness in Florida.

laura said...

Gwen, I'll follow Hans anywhere and unfortunately he knows it! Actually living on a boat in a marina can be interesting, it's the family I'm leaving behind that worries me!