Sunday, July 3, 2011

A finished Market Bag and the Picnic that never happened.

Anyone who reads this blog has to know that I'm cheap.

So you can imagine how thrilled I am to find free patterns on the internet. Freebies for Crafters is an amazing place to go and I go there often. You should too!

That's where I found a down-loadable pattern for this Market Bag. It's very simple but please DO follow the instructions. I got a bit carried away with my own ideas and nearly ruined mine. I'm used to leaving an opening in the bottom of the lining for the whole turning the bag right side out and PRESTO! you're done!

Things don't work that way with this bag because of the way the bag handles are cut onto the bag. Just believe me on this.

Here it is all flopped over.

The striped fabric is from a batch of fabric my mother gave me last year. The bottom is cut out from left over blue jeans.

I laid the pattern over the side seam of the jeans (that were ripped apart at the inseam) with the side seam of the jeans a few inches up from the bag bottom.

A better view of the bottom.

I thought I had enough left over cotton for the lining but I was way off, and I ended up piecing the entire thing.

And when I decided to add pockets I had a brainstorm. Well, not exactly a brainstorm...

For the pockets I used the hunk of fabric that's left over from between the handles.

Can you see what I mean here? I did line my pockets and added a strip of Velcro to each for security (keys, phone, etc...).

And when all was said and done, I kind of liked the lining side better than the jean/striped side.

I've been using this bag when I take Wilbur to the dog park. This pocket is roomy enough to hold Wilbur's big water bottle.

I can see myself making this bag again and I'd love to be able to use it in order to come up with a better shower bag for dragging all my stuff to a marina's bathroom facilities.

So anyway, I ran Wilbur to the park today so that this afternoon when we went to an annual 4th of July picnic that we've attended for quite a few years now, he'd be worn out while we left him by his lonesome in the apartment.

Except there was no picnic.

We still have no idea what happened and have yet to get a call from anyone explaining the situation.

I'm just hoping that a mass email didn't go out telling everyone to please meet a day ahead of time and for God's sake, don't tell Hans and Laura!!!!!!

This is what Wilbur looks like when he's totally exhausted from many zoomy sessions yet hears the gate door creak as yet one more doggy enters the park.

A bit like the Loch Ness Monster.

Don't worry, Wilbur has gotten even with us for leaving him alone this afternoon during our Picnic that didn't happen.

The air is blue, I need a gas mask, and Wilbur has a big pitty smile on his big pitty face!!!!

The big stinker!


Sandra Henderson said...

Glad I found you through Bluebirdswing...
If you are ever coming by Cumberland Island or St Marys, GA, let me know beforehand... :)
Love your bags!!!

laura said...

Sandra, I love Cyndi's blog, it's one of my favorites!
When we headed south in our boat we ended up going outside of the intracoastal and into the ocean for that particular passage through GA. But we did have a memorable stay in at the Delegal Creek Marina where Hans fell overboard at 4 AM! Not fun!
If we ever move the boat north of FL I'll let you know!!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

So smart to use the handle cutout as a pocket! I love that idea.

laura said...

Thanks! Every now and again I get an idea that actually works!

Two Pitties in the City said...

Yes, Loch Ness monster! We started using most of our bags for our dogs' needs, though we are not as talented to be making them on our own.

gwensews said...

Great bad, and I love your quilt! Will you ever be earth bound again, or will you forever live on the boat?

laura said...

Two Pitties, no talent needed, believe me!

Gwen, I know a lot of people spend their remaining days on their boats but I don't see this for us. After we finally get our fill of boat living I'd like a small place maybe in the Carolinas. We'll see.