Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another blogger meeting = a bright spot for me!

I've been blogging for a few years now but it wasn't until last November (2010) that I met a fellow blogger. Actually we didn't really meet, we passed each other, in North Carolina in the Intracoastal Waterway, on our boats like ships in the night. You can read about that encounter here.

Then in February when we finally reached Florida, Mary (from Mary Sews) and her husband came onto our boat for a visit. We had a nice time and they even offered to run us around if there was anything we needed. At that time we were pretty well provisioned and didn't need anything but we appreciated the offer.

Fast forward to this week. Cyndi from Bluebird's Wing realized that during my travels (I was helping Baby Girl move), I'd be staying within an hour or so of her home and she offered to come on over and meet me. As a huge fan of her blog for a long time (Cyndi is one of those people you wish lived next door to you), I was thrilled and of course I agreed! Cyndi is an animal lover (like me), she loves to make purses (like me), she has an adorable dog (like me), and she also thinks that my Wilbur is a cutie (like me)!!

We ended up having lunch at the Olde Richmond Inn. I believe we were there for over two hours and I only hope Cyndi enjoyed herself half as much as I did.

I also realize I may have suffered from diarrhea of the mouth (non stop talking). But that's what happens when one doesn't get out very much!

So in addition to lunch, Cyndi presented me with a wonderful and very useful bag she whipped up the night before on her new 'old' machine.

Since Hans and I are going to be living at a marina we'll be taking advantage of the shower facilities and this little bag will very nicely hold my toiletries.

Cyndi also made up a gift bag for Baby Girl (now an assistant coach at a private college) and I have to admit that I immediately took advantage of Cyndi's gift since Baby Girl seemed to be lacking in any and all soapy products and it didn't occur to her stupid mother (me!) to provide such stuff

I've always wanted to make one of these and never have.

It's just perfect.

And here it is, with all the wonderful products Cyndi gave me in its outside pockets. This is truly going to come in handy for me when I head to the shower building at the marina.

I'm not going to know a soul when we move south next month but Cyndi's thoughtfulness will most assuredly make me feel much less homesick than necessary.

As for Wilbur? I only hope once we move, we can find a fenced in park for him to play. He's going to dearly miss his friends here in the Big City.

Wilbur after a day at the park.

Every mother's dream!

NOTE: Cyndi from Blue Bird's Wing had a request from 'Caroline' about the pattern for the bag she made me. However, Caroline didn't include her email address!!! Caroline, if you read this please get back in touch with Cyndi, she'd be glad to pass that info along to you!!


Debbie Cook said...

Check out Ft. DeSoto Park for Wilbur when you get here. <a href=">Link</a> and if that doesn't work:

And, OMG, the word verification is "chili" which is one of my dogs' name!

laura said...

Debbie, Thanks for the info, I'm going to look it up (as soon as I get back from the Dog Park!). Those word verifications are sometimes spooky aren't they!?

Debbie said...

Wilbur is such a doll! Three four-legged beasts ruling the roost at my house (but I wouldn't trade one of them). Will you be settling down south (Florida)? Thanks for the compliments on my kid's clothes. I sewed almost everything my daughter wore until she asked me - in the 1st grade - if she could please, please, please have a pair of shorts from Target. I knew then she just wanted to look like the other kids. Yes, I will give permission to sell from my patterns on a home-sewing basis (no mass production). Keep us posted of your plans.

laura said...

Hey Debbie, great to hear from you, and I look forward to seeing your patterns in print. We will be living on our boat, in a marina, in Florida, for as long as Hans has a job there. Let's hope it's for a more than a few months!

Cyndi said...

I am sooooo happy that we got the chance to meet, have lunch, and gab away the afternoon! I had a blast. And I'm also glad that you like your little spa bag. Remind me to send you a copy of the pattern so you can make some if you'd like!

Oh, and someone by the name of Carolyn saw it on your blog and e-mailed me to ask for the pattern. I can't reply to her because she's a "no-reply" if you know who she is and she e-mails you, would you please ask her to write me again and include her e-mail address? Thanks much!



Cyndi said...

Oh, and P.P.S.... Ft. Desoto Park is fabulous, and it's one of St. Pete's best beaches. Jeff and I go there all the time when we're down!



laura said...

Cyndi, I don't know who Caroline is but I'll add a note to this post and pass on your message.
I checked out Fort Desoto and it looks pretty good to me! And by pure coincidence the Two Pitties in the City blog just featured a blogger from Sarasota and they mentioned all kinds of dog friendly places.
You just have to love the internet!

Carolyn said...

OK, I am the Carolyn that left the comment on Cyndi's site and we are in contact with each other.
I live in Clearwater, FL, which is about 30 mins. from Ft. DeSoto. Small world it is, indeed!

laura said...

Carolyn, I'm beginning to think everyone lives in western Florida!

Katie Alender said...

What a cute little bag! Hope all is well with you, Laura! :-)

laura said...

Thanks Katie, we're hanging in there! It's been a crazy year and not one I'd necessarily care to go through again.