Thursday, April 3, 2008

"OUI OUI OUI " Said this little piggy!!!

Thanks to all who've emailed me with Paris shopping hints! Please keep them coming because I'll probably never get back there again! Karen from Sewing by the Seat of my Pants is going Paris in May but I wish she was going before me and then I could read her blog first!
But right now I'm embarrassed and ashamed because apparently I've missed some comments on my posts and as a result I never responded to them. I think I've fixed it so that from now on I'll get notification of comments. Sorry.
Marji has left a couple of comments (again, thank you!) and one of them had her wondering about the name of my blog. What do I mean by sew at sea? Actually I guess it could mean two things. First of all, I seem to always find myself at sea about a good many things! I can sometimes be a little slow on the uptake, after all I'm a blond who's going gray and covering it up with more blond! So I have many blond and senior moments these days.
But there's also another meaning for the word sea in my blog and actually as soon as we get back from Paris I will be tackling that subject. It's something that I think you'll all find to be interesting if not slightly crazy!

Let's put it this way, April Fool's Day would have been an appropriate time to write that post.


(Who says I can't speak French?)


Bald Man said...

Have a good lots(you do have a loyal group of blog stalkers) and if You and Hans are ever traveling through the south and get close to Knoxville TN you better look us up! Just keep an eye on his 44's while your here.....

laura said...

Do I dare say I'll keep more than my eyes on them?