Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Vacation ala Laura

Tuesday April 8 2008

We are finally in Paris and for the most part have only suffered a few minor setbacks.

Hans is wearing the wrong shoes and forgot to change into his favorite traveling jeans.

Still sitting in his fridge is the little sack lunch (my stinginess has rubbed off on him) that we planned on eating at the airport during our 4 hour layover.

We have a strong feeling that Hans' car will be towed while we are away.

Don't ask.

Hans forgot his high blood pressure medication (and don't forget who he's traveling with!).

Tomorrow the hotel promises to: replace the much needed light bulbs in the bathroom (If you've ever seen Baby Jane portrayed by Bette Davis you may have an idea of what I looked like after putting on my makeup). They will look at the shower head that sprays everywhere but where you want it to. They are also very sorry that we misunderstood that 'Internet access' means $15.00 per hour or minute or whatever.

After our arrival, a shower in which I'm thankful that no one was electrocuted, followed by a quick nap, we went out to dinner.

After maybe 10 steps from our hotel room, I consider myself lucky to have stepped over and not on the dead body that the French police were attempting to load into a police van.

I'm sure they were happy too.

I kid you not!

And in case you were wondering? The French wrap their dead in white plastic as opposed to black body bags.

We consoled ourselves with a $53.00 hamburger. Split 2 ways.

I will post this as soon as our hotel can find us one of their 'coffee cards' which will allow us to go to a local cafe and access a reasonable Internet access rate!

I just found my Qumana post and I have to send it now!!!!!

Pray for us!!


Angelia said...

I'm sure Paris is lovely... but a $53 hambuger?? $15 an hour internet??? I wouldn't be able to afford to buy any fabric!!!ha

Mary Witzl said...

Just a few comments:

1) You made it to Paris, and still had appetites!

2) The dead body was not one of yours!

3) I'm picturing that the $53 hamburger must have tasted okay and not given you food poisoning? Just think if it had!

Given your vacation issues, I'd say that you are doing great so far, but I do feel for you about that sack lunch. For some reason, things like that bother me no end...