Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We need vacations from vacations

If I could have a stroke right now I would!
Yesterday, I posted off line on Qumana which is designed for just my situation: posting when you have no on-line access and then posting when you do.
It's not working.
My first post which was on Tuesday is still stuck in the bowels of Quamana. I may have to stoop to feeding my computer ex-lax.
I will also tell you this:
Bring a DEBIT card.
The French no longer care about your credit card. Well, they do care. They just WON'T accept it!!! (And they will hold your girlfriend hostage until you find an exchange center which will then keep half of your money).
I kid you not!!!
We were in Europe last year and it wasn't an issue. This year it is.

I have some pictures but, as we have just a few minutes on-line access, I don't dare try to down load them.
But I have vodka.
Hans has beer.
And somehow we will get through this!!!!
Why do I have to be the guniea pig?
And guess what?
Blogger spell check just quit working!!!!!

Perhaps if the French wore something, anything but black, Paris would be a brighter place!!!!!!!!

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