Thursday, April 10, 2008

to be continued...

I don't have a lot of time! Hans used our 'time' tonight to watch Penguin hockey hightlights.

I did get to the fabric district 2 times. I went to the Riene as recommended by Karen at sewing by the seat of my pants. I also found a little place on a side street that had almost exclusively lycra blends. I will post pictures of my fabric when I can and I have business cards from them also.

This is Thursday night and we leave by train tomorrow at noon for Geneva, where we will be staying at Hans' brother's house. We have no idea if they have internet access or not.

I will leave you with this.

I wish I knew French for:

Where the hell are the bathrooms!? (Since the signs obviously lie!).

How long does it take to move a body off the tracks? I have places to go! (After 2 people in as many days decided to fling themselves willy nilly on the tracks in front of our subway!!).

Oh, Paris in the spring.

It's certainly different.

1 comment:

ConnieB said...

là où l'enfer est la salle de bains?!!
(where the hell is the bathroom)!!!
I remember when we were in Paris it was hell leaving- the roads there are a mess!
Hope you are having fun and using my new vacation rule- I have enough stuff so I always buy fabric as a souvineer(Comment l'enfer vous orthographient cela)(how the hell do you spell that word?!)