Sunday, August 16, 2009

A hellish work week, puffy cat syndrome, and a sewing weekend.

I clean houses.

I love my job.

But this week was a marathon that I feared might not end.

I'm the kind of person who throws herself into her work but we had a post construction job tossed into the mix that nearly kicked my butt. Let's just say that inside shuttered blinds are no longer my friends, especially after being exposed to newly sanded, hard wood floors. It's funny how you do a walk through and go, "Oh yeah, this will be great! No furniture, just walls, floors, mantles etc... and then you really get down to work. But after knocking down construction residue from the walls, window and door sills, of seven bedrooms, scrubbing down 3 1/2 bathrooms, attempting to clean something like 15 radiators (that have never been cleaned in the 12o years this house has stood), you realize that an obviously insane person thought that inside shutters were 'cute'.


I had just finished cleaning (individually) the last slat, on the last shutter, when my boss came in from cleaning the hallway walls. A huge gust of wind had blown in from an impending storm and the windows were all open. We both looked at the shutters I'd just polished and they were all covered with a heavy coat of dust.

It was like something out of the twilight zone.

We figured out that the screens in the windows were full of hardwood dust residue and the wind had blown it all right back in.

I wanted to cry.

So I had to clean them all over again.

Needless to say we ran out of time on this house and therefor had to go back.

Since the family was moving in that weekend we had to go back after another full day, which meant extra hours, which meant I thought I was gonna die!!!!

And guess what?

The inside shutters were filthy yet once again!!

I pray that we're never asked to go back there again!

As a reward for our hard work week, Hans and I spent our Saturday and Sunday mornings, lying around in bed, with our coffee and reading library books until noon.

I made a diaper bag (I will take and post pictures tomorrow) and Hans played on line poker.
But I got a kick out of Chlorox. She loves it when I sew and lately I've noticed that she gets this weird 'puffy face' when I drag out my sewing supplies.

I start to lay out my material and then she appears. She has a slightly dreamy, I'm not interested look on her face but then lies down very close to my fabric. I turn my back and suddenly she's much closer. Hmmm. She still looks totally uninterested but the fur on her face is all fuzzy and she looks to be half asleep. I warn her that I'm not up to her nonsense today and while she gazes off into the distance she manages to hitch her body a bit closer to my material. By the time I'm ready to start she's fully asleep right on top of whatever it was I was planning to sew.

This has become quite the routine.

She's such a nut.

This is the passport purse and change purse that I made for Baby Girl who just got back from Germany.

I'm glad to report that she said it worked very well for her, she didn't lose her passport, and arrived home safely.

I love this fabric and have just enough left to make a bag for myself.

Now I just have to find time to make it!

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