Monday, August 31, 2009

What I Did on My Summer Vacation...

... or really, 'What We Did on Our Long Weekend."

Hans and I headed down to the boat on Friday night and we just now (Monday) got back. This is the only picture I took of what was to become Speed Boat Weekend. At one point our little Miss Kitty Catamaran was sailing along at about 3 knots (an eighty year old can walk faster), when about five of these boats, along with two helicopters from BoatPix.Com (flying I swear just inches above the water in an effort to get fantastic pictures of said speedboats) overtook us and sped off into the distance.

All that was needed, to complete this surreal picture, was the soundtrack from Miami Vice

We anchored in Swan Creek, just north of Rock Hall where we were met by the local Welcome Wagon. Actually it was a bunch of screaming, hungry, gulls.

This little fellow has a big piece of bread in his beak and has no intention of sharing.
(I don't know why I thought about my kids right about that time!)

This slightly bigger fellow, felt that sharing was indeed necessary. Check out the big hunk of bread in his beak.

I should have taken a video of the ultra big mouth, who screamed, "HA HA HA!" everytime a piece of bread or hunk of steak fat was (and sometimes wasn't) tossed overboard. (I swear I waited on the female human version when I worked at The Inn!).

He/she drove us (and most likely its comrades) nuts with its raucous screaming and I bet its the most unwelcome gull at his/her family reunion.

Our backyard for the evening.

The folks who own this land pay the property taxes.
We enjoy the view.

We were treated to a beautiful evening skyline while Hans grilled the steaks.

Just a few of the other folks who enjoyed anchoring for the night.

Scrabble is a wonderful way to pass an evening aboard an anchored boat.

It took us two nights to finish this game and we used every single tile!!!!

I'm not allowed to gloat about who won.

We were unfortunate enough to run over a crab trap (we heartily apologize to all crabbers, and I mean it!) back on the Fourth of July trip, and it's been bothering Hans ever since, that part of the crab line might still be hung up in a propeller.

Here is Hans, at our anchorage, all goggled up and ready to dive under the boat to check the prop. This is something I cannot and will not do! If the water isn't crystal clear and/or shockingly blue, I just can't do it!

He was relieved to report that all was clear except for the ton of scum he found coating the bottom of our boat and most likely contributing to our slower than normal sailing speeds. (Gross!)

Here we are at our dock and I'm wearing my sailing version of Simplicity 2939. It's such a comfortable dress and incredibly easy to make, especially if you leave out the side zipper. This one features sail boats on the skirt and a striped bodice.
I'm also carrying my recycled blue jean, Nicole Mallalieu Day Bag.

This is a close up of the bodice.

I just cut it on the bias and matched the stripes.

This is our dock at sunset. I love the line of the uneven pilings, and the silhouettes of all the different boats as they sit in their slips patiently awaiting their owners return.

I only allow this picture because it shows what a wonderful time is to be had when sailing with Hans, and it also doesn't show my rapidly disappearing waistline.
This week I have a light work schedule and I plan on a lot of sewing!!!


Angelia said...

Looks like you had a nice relaxing and wonderful time!!! Good for you! Cute dress and purse also.

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