Wednesday, December 9, 2009

And we have a winner! But not without issues!

Last Wednesday I promised that tonight I would announce the winner of my wine (or whatever you want it to be) tote, and I planned on asking the Countess von Chlorox to help yet once again. In my mind (feeble as it is) I envisioned The Countess, looking ever so fetching in a cute 'Knotty Cat' Santa outfit, picking a winner, and everyone living happily ever after.

Was I surprised when my plans went awry?

Not really, as that's basically the story of my life.

I lost my camera-to-computer cord over Thanksgiving weekend and my new cord (ordered via has yet to arrive.

But I have to pick a winner, and I hate to disappoint, so I dug into my Chlorox picture archives and came up with these.

Chlorox has asked to narrate her own story, and here it is.

Here I am pondering my next sewing project. I feel that lying across the instructions gives me a creative boost. If the sun is streaming in the windows and across the instructions, it's even better, and fairly intoxicating!

Cutting out fabric can be terribly exhausting.

Here I am at the machine.
I love my pink scissors.

New arrivals of fabric make me go weak in the knees.

What do you mean I have to pick another winner???

Why do I have to do everything around here???

I would much rather read my book and drink my catnip tea, thank you very much!

Or perhaps while I'm flying first class, I'd like to watch a movie while the flight attendant fetches my drink.
Which, by the way, is taking far too long!!!!

But I certainly don't feel like picking another winner!!!

If I have to spend all my time picking winners of stupid contests I'll never have time to catch more tasty morsels like this one!

Yes, they are green.
Yes, they are real.
And yes, they are fabulous!!!

Finally, after all that whining and complaining The Countess is naming the winner.

And it's Mary from Resident Alien!!

I find it very coincidental that Mary's last post was about cats!

I kid you not!!

So Mary, you need to let me know which bag you want although I have a feeling I already know which one it is. Just email me (my address is right below my 'about me' page) so I know where to send it.

The only thing I hate about contests is that not everybody wins so I think before the week is over I'll have just one more.

Hey it's Christmas!!

Stay tuned and hope my cord shows up soon!


Schwang said...

I can't believe you received half a mouse! What is the story behind that one? With the pooches we've never had one in the house, but I do have a terror story of a fall walk where Miss M. pulled something out of the leaves and had a rat clenched in her mouth, tail swinging, and she wouldn't drop it. It took about 5 minutes, me yelling at her and pulled the back of her neck before she finally let go.

Katie Alender said...

Ew ew ew! That mouse! Ew!

Mary Witzl said...

YAAAAAY! I am so excited -- this makes my whole week!

Never mind that the reason I won is because I'm such a verbal klutz and apt to say obnoxious things, it's WORTH IT to get a great bag like that one!!

I'll have the cat one, please -- and THANK YOU, Chlorox (and Laura)!

I saw that mouse rear end and knew what it was right away. I wonder if it's really possible that I miss finding those in front of my bedroom?

Mary Witzl said...

Came back from an exhausting day at work to find one somewhat encouraging rejection email in my inbox, two spams, and another from my bank. And then I find this! (Contented sigh)

laura said...

Schwang, I mention this tasty treat on my Oct 6,'08 post, and I have some other mice posts too (one time I even slept with one but thank God it was dead). But a rat??!! Yuuuuuuk! I would have been hysterical!

Katie, Did you notice what was left of it was still damp? Gross!

Mary, remember to email me with an address. I promise I'm not a stalker and even with GPS I still get lost!

Kathi D said...

That is HILARIOUS!!!