Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year and a new purse!

A while back, Debbie from D Whynn Designs was getting rid of some purse patterns and was nice enough to send them my way. Just recently I saw a purse at Pink Chalk Studio and I wondered why it looked familiar.

Well sonofagun, one of the patterns that Debbie sent me was this exact purse!!!

It's a BB purse from Brookshier Design Studio and after seeing it I knew I had to make it!

This is the largest version.

An inside view.

The yellow strip is a zipper for an inside pocket.

Just below it is a pleated pocket.

A close up of the front. There's a zippered pocket at the top in the front flap.

It's a good place to keep a credit card wallet.

The back has a pocket but it's not secure. A bit of velcro would be easy to install.

The pleated pocket also has a small pocket within it.

The one thing that almost put me off this bag is the fact that you have to use bias tape to enclose the outside edges.
I hate bias tape as it never behaves for me, and I detest cutting it out.

Then I remembered reading about a technique for making your own continuous tape by sewing a funky tube-like thing.

Now here's where you just have to love the internet. In the old days the need for this information would have involved a trip to the library where you could only hope to find the information you need. But with a click of a button I found what I wanted in seconds.

And for everyones information, I love libraries and if I could live in one, I would.

Anyway I found this link and gave it a try.

It required some math which involved square roots, and once again I was happy to have the internet because square roots are not my thing!

In the end all I needed to make the bias tape that goes around this bag was: a 10" square of fabric.

I cut out a 12 inch square to be on the safe side because this just didn't seem possible.

I was sure there was no way was this going to work.

But it did!

It really did and I'm so impressed that someone came up with this!

You have to give it a try.

It really is a cute purse and I'm glad I made it.

Also, I finally fixed the doggy coat I made for my boss's dog, and it now fits. I also moved that tummy band more towards the front since it should go under the chest not the tummy!

You should have seen her prance around in it (the dog, not my boss)!! She was so proud of her new coat and since her New Year's resolution (which she doesn't know about yet) is to lose some weight, she now has a coat for those long winter walks that are awaiting her!

Tonight is New Year's Eve and for the first time since we've been together, Hans and I are staying home, and we aren't having anyone over either.

At midnight we will have our champagne and Chlorox is getting some catnip!

Just another wild night here in The Big City!!

Happy New Year, everyone!!!!!!!!


Sewfast said...

Great purse! Happy New year to you, Hans and Chlorox!

BeeBee said...

I have some purse patterns (I think) that you can have if you want. Unless I already gave them to Good Will. If you want them, I'll go look, otherwise they'll just stay where ever they are or aren't.
We went out to dinner and made it to midnight and watched the fireworks before heading home. So we're quiet today.

Shauna (Fido and Wino) said...

Happy New Year! I'm impressed with your craftiness!

Debbie said...

This bag came out great. I love the fabric you used and the yellow zippers are perfect with it.