Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh what the heck, one more contest before Christmas!

Today is Vet Tech Girl's twenty third birthday.

Of the three times I was in the hospital having babies, this one was my favorite. Her birth was a thousand times easier than my son's and I was up and walking in just a few hours. My mother brought in a huge tray of her homemade cookies, and doctors and nurses would drop by all day long to pick out their favorite. It was Christmas time, everyone was in a very festive mood, and my roommate was a friend of mine who'd also been in my Lamaze class.

As a matter of fact we ended up with about four of us from Lamaze in the hospital at the same time and we had a ball! This was when you actually stayed in the hospital for more than a few hours after giving birth. Heck, three years earlier I was in for five days when my son was born.

And even though Vet Tech Girl was Ugly Baby Girl, I still loved her to pieces!

Don't worry! She's a beautiful girl now but I wasn't so blind as to not be able to see that she was an ugly baby then!

She had what are referred to as 'stork bites'. One was between her eyebrows which is a common area. One on the back of her neck at the base of her head, and she had a huge one on her tail bone that scared the heck out of me! The one on her tail bone is the only one that didn't go away but it did end up fading a lot.

She had broken blood vessels all over her face and even in her eyes. And speaking of eyes; hers seemed to work independently of each other which was very disconcerting because oddly, they reminded me of pin ball machines!

I will never forget when my roommate's husband came in our room one night. Their baby was a little pink dream with blond hair (She's still pretty, she ended up with black hair, and I can't believe she's now a young mother herself!) We both had our babies and Husband came over to me and said "Oh, let me see the baby." I pulled the blanket away from Ugly Baby's face and he stopped in his tracks, cleared his throat and said, "Well, isn't she nice."

I laughed at his reaction and told him I knew she was ugly and I didn't care.

Our girls ended up in school together and my daughter, who started out with pitch black hair, ended up becoming a very pretty, black eyed blond.

My other daughter has coppery brown eyes and blond hair, and I'm also a brown eyed blond but Vet Tech girl's eyes really are almost black.

But anyway, everything was rosy back then and babies are sweet but... twenty three years ago I certainly never envisioned this; opening my mail today and reading a letter complaining about a past due account and how the bank is very upset with me, and that they want a payment now....blah, blah, blah!

Because that's what I get for co-signing a student loan!

Vet Tech Girl's birthday present from me is getting the bank off her butt!!

And I thought stork bites were bad!

Parenthood is not for the weak at heart. It really isn't. Here is one of my earlier posts on this subject.

So, what the heck, let's celebrate my daughter's birthday with one more contest.

This is a bag of my own design.

Now keep in mind that it's just a fun bag, something to take out to lunch or dinner. It only has one magnetic snap to keep it closed so it's not very secure.

Although you can use it as a wine bag. We have a french restaurant we love to go to and you have to bring your own wine. This would work for something like that.

BTW, the wine is not included!

Anyway I'd like to get this in the mail before Christmas so I'm going to have a deadline of Tuesday, December 15, at 5:00 PM EST here in the US.

What do you have to do?? Go ahead and just leave a comment that you'd like a chance to win.

If you have a birthday story, or a baby story that's different or funny by all means please share it!!

Keep in mind if you're outside the United States it most likely won't arrive before Christmas (if that matters to you).

Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas, one and all!


Nancy said...

I'd love to win the bag. happy birthday to your daughter - I'm a December baby too, love those combination birthday Christmas gifts!

Shirley said...

I really like the large flowers on the bag.

My due date was April 23rd, 1990. I had it all planned out that on April Fool's Day I'd wake my then husband to say that the baby was on the way. I woke up, and before playing my April Fool's joke, I got out of the bed to go to the bathroom. As I stood up, my water broke. So much for the joke! I always think of it as my son's first April Fool's joke.

Shirley said...

Sorry I forgot to say that I'd like to win the bag! Why can't we edit our own comments!

Sewfast said...

Please enter me in your giveaway...when my water broke with my daughter, my husband didn't believe me til I told him to get his @$$ out of bed and bring a mop! Then he changed his clothes like 3 times before we went to the hospital...seriously??? This ain't no fashion show. Then the doctor put me on a pitocin drip because he thought I was "too happy"! Our daughter was born in the afternoon, but I didn't get to eat anything until like 10:00 that night...the next day my roommate was not allowed to go home because she hadn't had a bowel movement yet. We had the same doctor...I lied and he sent me home! Good times!

laura said...

Shirley, I guess that'll teach you! Hey, my son was born on April Fool's Day too, back in 1983. It was also Good Friday but it didn't feel so good at the time.

Mary, I'll never forget when I was in labor (with the April Fool's baby) and my now ex husband looked at the little ticker tape thing that a machine was spitting out and he said, "Why are you still doing that breathing stuff, you're not having a contraction?" That's when I found out my doctor had ordered pitocin in my IV and I didn't know it. That's why I felt like my contractions were never ending! As for your husband changing his clothes 3 times? Too funny!!!

Kathi D said...

Happy birthday to Vet Tech Girl--I hope she's still speaking to you after reading this!

I was born on Christmas Eve, back when mommies stayed in the hospital for days and were treated like queens. My poor dad was home with 4 kids, doing the whole Christmas thing single-handed.

laura said...

Kathi, I think I can be safe in assuming you were your mother's favorite!!! But I hate to think about what kind of mess she came home to.

Mary Witzl said...

Ooh, don't get me started on how much teenagers cost! My sympathies to you. And congratulations to you AND your daughter on her birthday!

My second daughter looked like a lizard as a newborn with her googly eyes and squished-flat face. I mentioned this to one of the doctors and she thought I was the Meanest Mommy she'd ever met. She's a gorgeous kid now, but she absolutely looked like a lizard. Silly doctor.

laura said...

In case anyone's worried about Vet Tech Girl's feelings; #1: she doesn't know about my blog (yet) and #2: she's heard the story but I always make sure to let her know she was the best baby in the world! She really was!

laura said...

In case anyone's worried about Vet Tech Girl's feelings; #1: she doesn't know about my blog (yet) and #2: she's heard the story but I always make sure to let her know she was the best baby in the world! She really was!