Friday, December 18, 2009

Pictures! Finally!

I've mentioned a couple of times that I had lost my camera-computer cord and haven't been able to download pictures since Thanksgiving.

Kathi D was nice enough to give me a holler and told me to get a zippy little digital converter drive, and I mentioned this to Hans as he left to go to the electronics store.

Kathi, I have no idea how you did it, but that's what Hans came home with. Why he listened to you; I have no idea because he never listens to me!!

So, see the bag on the right? The one hanging off the shoulder of the pretty blond? That's the purse I saw when we were in Toronto and I just had to have it. You can't really see the color but it's pink.

Here's a closer look. Since I hadn't downloaded my pictures I never went back for a better look so I missed a couple of details.

I forgot about the tab that ran down the side, and even though I did make an adjustable strap, I didn't add the silver rectangle on the opposite side.

I couldn't find pink fabric so mine is gray.

Once again I used Nicole's, Day Bag Pattern, which really has a lot of great options. I've made several of these.

Here is mine as seen from above with the zipper closed.

Here's the inside complete with a paw print lining. There's a patch pocket in there too but it gets a little lost in the busy print.

The front flap.

Here you can see the adjustable strap. I miscalculated the length and even though I thought it was going to be very long, it wasn't. At its longest it fits me just right.

I have to make another one for Vet Tech Girl's friend and she wants hers to be very long! So I learned a good lesson.

We're going out to a party tonight and I since I'm going to carry it, I'll have Hans take a picture.

I'm very happy with my bag except I'm afraid it's going to look dirty really fast. It's a gray, fake suede and I'm not sure of how to clean it.

I also finally got some pictures of Duncan in the coat I made for him and I'll post those tomorrow. Although I warn you, neither the coat nor the pictures are much to write home about!


Kathi D said...

Nice bag! Hey, don't you know The Husband Rule is that they listen to anybody BUT the wife? Sheesh. Glad he got your thingy!

Schwang said...

That looks really nice. I always see things I like, but I wish I had the skills to actually recreate them.

laura said...

Kathi, I'm glad too! I've been downloading like a crazy lady!!1
Schwang, I have no skills so I'm sure you could sew anything you want!