Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another winner...

Ok, I promise. This is it folks! I won't torture you (or The Countess) any more this year with my silly contests!

Besides, I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet and this could very well affect my popularity on the 25th.

Let me pause a moment to complain that I still have no camera-to-computer cord!!! The one we ordered finally arrived and it was the wrong one.

Big surprise!!

So I'm still digging through my archives in order to find usable pictures for my posts. I pray this doesn't continue much longer. My camera is just bulging with pictures and it may explode at any moment!

This was the reaction I got from the Countess when I mentioned that her contest choosing talents were needed yet once again.

She sulked, she pouted, she said we didn't pay her enough (excuse me!?), and then she finally made her choice.

But just to make sure we got her point, she left a 'present' in the form of a big pile of kitty poop for us, in the doorway to the kitchen.

Unfortunately for The Countess, Hans found her smelly 'present' before I did, and he's not as nearly understanding as me.

Let's just say that The Countess got knocked down a peg or two, and ended up spending the rest of the day hiding under our bed.

The Countess has wisely decided to clean up her act (thus avoiding the shelter) and is perusing my old Burda magazines.

She wants to make a dress.


Oh, BTW!!!! Mary from Sew Fast; you won the bag. Email an address to me where I can send it, and it will be on its way (my email is on my about me page)!

PS. While I'm at work tomorrow, scrubbing toilets etc... I've asked (begged, implored, threatened) Hans to get please go (get out of the apartment, unshackle himself from his computer and Internet poker, put some clothes on) to Radio Shack and get me a proper cord for my camera-to-computer so that I can download pictures. This way I won't be upset (furious, foaming at the mouth, mad beyond words) since it's been eons since I've been able to perform this function.

Don't worry, I said it with a smile.


Kathi D said...

Even though I STILL didn't win, I'm giving you this tip: Instead of a camera-to-computer cord, why not just get a card reader for your camera card? They are usually really CHEAP and read several different formats.

Sewfast said...

Yay!!! I'm a weiner...oops, I mean winner!!! Thanks Laura!!!